Judo in Vancouver?

Hey guys, what are the various clubs? What about close to downtown?


Here's a list of the Judo clubs in BC.


The UBC club is about 20 minutes from downtown. Classes run M W 8-10PM Sat 3-5PM

Used to train with Kojiro Mukai at Kerrisdale and Dunbar Comm Centres. He was more traditional japanese and I really liked the classes - he formerly was a coach with a University team in Japan - Kobe I believe.

Was with him for 2 years or so.

if i were you i would train at the burnaby judo club in the bonsor rec center.

many provincial champs train out of there. great competitive workouts.

easily the best competition club right now.

steveston is a great club, but ive heard that there are not alot of seniors training right now.

burnaby all the way.

if you want any extra info, email me at brettcooper@shaw.ca

are you coming to van. if so when?


I think I am moving there in a month, but I haven't done any judo in a year, so consider me a white or yellow belt right now.


Thanks, for the offer, I will email when my plans are more concrete (it seems that I will be working downtown). I would hate to get all of the info gathered and then find out that I am not moving!

no worries sothy,

just let me know when you're coming


yo sothy

where are u from??

Canada! (profile yo!)

no location on ya profile

Judo at Cocoon Athletics. Downtown Vancouver. Hastings and Granville. Tues mornings at 10am.