Judo is not BJJ!!!

Before you say, "not another one of those threads"...I did my first Judo tournament last night. Whew. Mad props to Judo guys. It was quite an experience.

I am a bjj guy and have been doing Judo for about a year and 1/2. Welcome Mat club in KCMO hosted a local Shia tournament for belt advancement.

I spar some of these guys (local guys came to) (30 minutes on the ground, 30 minutes standing-3 to 4 minutes each) and the tournament was much harder.

I lost 2 (yuko and throw for ippon) tied once and won 3 (to taps and a pin).

It was open weight category.

After my first match, I was very tired. After my 2nd match, I was dead! I cannot believe how tired I got after 3 minutes. I can ground fight for an hour to the tap but between the spectators, and the game faceness, I was shot.

My mind also played tricks on me, I couldn't get into a rhythm and we kept getting stood up. After 3 matches, I realized that I was trying to hard to play bjj and had to change my whole focus.

Once I committed to playing Judo I stopped being thrown, I was able to take guys down and work top game.

What was weird is that 1) my old man bjj and judo doesn't work in a sport format with limited time and committment to rules. You have to work to impose your game, even if you are a guy who counters because everyones energy level is way up and there sensitivity is way up. 2) You can't rely on winning on the ground unless you move and get something right away and 3) what was really weird is by after my 6th match, I had a total game face, all my weakeness and exhausten was gone and i felt like I couldn't went for an hour. A lot of the guys were dead. My style and my training allows me to get stronger (or not get as weak) over time. Not sure if that was good or bad.

The article jacktown judoka wrote on "ju" is my style and it was very hard to apply under these circumstances. I found myself intimidated of getting in a bad position on the ground and not being able to work out which caused me to freeze.

It was also weird because in bjj there is a "gentleman's agreement" that you get to the ground and proceed to try to "pass guard" or submit, or "flow" to positions. Last night? No way! Guys were trying to get up! Coaches would yell "he's a jujitsu guy" and they would scramble and fight and rip grips to stand up. It was wild!

Anyway, over all, it was a fun experience...I'm 38 and need to rack up enough points to get my black belt. I beat one blackbelt (seonage to pin, to collar choke) and one brown (takedown, guard pass, to hold down) but I have to beat 3 blackbelts or 6 browns to advance. I have 2 more to do this year to stand a chance of moving up.

Whew. All I can say is I have a lot of respect for these judo players competeing at a high level, bjj players (I look back at jacare and roger gracie in their 10 minute match-wow) wrestlers etc.

It's not Helio/Kano old style bjj/judo (my style) and I totally respect that.

Next tournament hopefully the tightness won't last long and I'm going to win using judo.

That was cool. How did you manage to get a tie?

My first match was open weight class and I went with another guy (260lbs) neither of us scored after 3 minutes so they called it a tie.

This was an "in house" tournament hosted by our club for promotional ranking and an extended invitation to area clubs...(we had about 23 guys competing).

I'm not sure how the rules are for sanctioned events for ties but we had one at our club.

By the way, let me say, I was very disappointed with my performance...I didn't feel like I did very good. I have a lot to learn in judo!

You're totally right. Once you compete, you realize that most things just happen off instinct. Forget the whole "chess match" concept, you just gotta space out your agressivenss and hope that all the training you put in comes through at the moment it counts.

umm... you did win using judo. but i understand what you mean. =)

congrats on a good result from what seemed like a very long day.

Lenny, he'll do more, hope you can m ake it.

Jacketwrestler, you are right. I know that my strategy will have to change.

Josh, absolutely (I won using Judo)I didn't mean to imply that I won using bjj. It was such a different experience and trying to play bjj hurt me (it kept me from concentrating on how to actually win w/in the rules rather then try to figure out how to somehow get them into a bjj match)..

I'm sorry if I didn't leave that impression.

I look forward to getting better in Judo and BJJ.

Cool thread. This is what we need more of IMO. Judo guys entering BJJ comps and vice versa. As long as both sides understand and respect the rules it is all good. Keeps things interesting.

I find it pointless to argue over which is better. Do both and be happy!!


Its good to have both rule sets coexisting

the rooster: I'm glad it was a good experience for you. Continued success.


Thanks jarvis...I definitely think they add to your skill set as a jacket wrestler (judo and bjj)

I've competed in a couple of BJJ tournies and although I didn't try the throw and stand back up game, I was still competing at "judo" speed. I piled up some points for takedowns and guard passes but after 5 minutes, I was sucking air and got submitted shortly afterwards.

They are definately two different games.

no judo isnt bjj..bjj is judo..the devil is in the detail.