Judo is not effective in MMA (vid)

I've read many recent posts stating the effectiveness of Judo in MMA,...

well, I've found testimony from one of the leading experts in the field which proves that Judo is not effective.


its interesting how he says Randleman as an example of a great wrestler who would beat a comparable Judoka.

considering Nakamura owned Randleman.

there is no spoon

First off, in general, for MMA, wrestling IS better than judo.

Quinton is a funny and honest guy but lets be honest, when he says that Yoon took him down with more of wrestling type moves, that shows he lacks basic judo knowledge there because so much of the 2 sports cross over. But Yoon is a judo guy and so bottom line, Rampage got taken down by a judo guy (in an MMA match).

I didnt watch the whole interview and im not sure if he ever says judo is "not effective" or whatever but in general wrestlers would normally win the td battle against judokas in mma but then you get into the mma factors like striking, etc and then its simply not wrestling vs. judo anymore.

As Rampage says, he may not have the deepest wrestling background but he uses it mainly to stop takedowns not to pursue them and couple that with his boxing and its a mean tandem (like Chuck, Gomi, Kid, etc...).

Also, in another obvious mistakes, he forgot to mention that Nakamura beat Randleman (and took him down more than once, nearly stopped him on the ground more than once), Fedor beat Coleman (gave up the tds but tapped him quick).

Also, Rampage also forgot that his only started wrestling from 17 year old ass was able to prevent Randleman from taking him down too.

Does that mean Rampage is a "better wrestler" than Randleman? Of course not, only that Rampage was the better MMA fighter.

I love Rampage but i dont think he knows judo all that well and i dont think the thread maker understands MMA that well either.

BTW, lol at Rampage's burp!

Btw, while the closest bet to win in MMA seems like Fedor right now, Rampage, even a reborn and introspective one, is still the undisputed king of interviews and is the closest bet to make people laugh in one.

They need to teach Rampage some more Jap language and get him on some talkshows there, if his manager can network in japan, im sure the phone would be ringing after that.

Im not sure how old Ramapge is but if he's only got a few more years left, what in the world is stopping him and Zuffa from hooking up?!?!?

And, though is been said a million times already and we all know it, after this weekend's UFC, how the hell could any pro fighter prefer the UFC crowd to Pride's? Rampage reiterates that fact well near the end of his interview.



LMAO@yoon dong Sik QJ style.

Actually pretty intelligent comments, or at least well put across however, Judo has been proven plenty effective.

It's nice to see something like this than version 1,456 of 'bjj doesn't work on the street' or 'BJJ people just pull guard' etc etc.


Hector LOMBARD Cuban Judo Olympian - undefeated MMA fighter that recently destroyed Daiju TAKASE!

By the way the cage fight on the HL reel is Hector v Cris BROWN, a 4 time olympic freestyle wrestler that also beat renzo at ADCC.




Great timing there Justin.

How's the ebay sale going?

Puls, you should try and find footage of Rampage before his Mikhail Illoukhine fight and watch him try and pronounce that. He then proceeds to say "fuck yo mama" in Vietnamese after that.

I also liked the one clip, cant remember when, when Rampage is talking about "GET IT, GET IT, juice!" and how does his impression of how japanese people always go "OH..."

Rampage is a fucking riot.

btw, bjj doesn't work on the street and BJJ people
just pull guard ;p

"like Chuck, Gomi, Kid, etc...)."

Gomi used to be a complete ground and pound guy in most of his shooto matches and Kid is a greta wrestler and he takes down a lot of his opponents.

The streets are full of broken glass

LOL! No shit Wasa-B, I'll have to suss that out.

I still think is ripping of Satake is one of the funniest, I lost it when he was on that rant.

Judo don't work without no gi :)


impressive but punk move in the cage trying to punch over an opening round fist bump...

Judo is superior to wrestling because of the gi. Its more technical.

Good post all closer.

Unless you're at a gay pride parade the chances of you getting attacked by men with tight shorts and leather gloves are slim.

I train Judo and find it useful

Hey Pulsar, business didn't close on ebay, but........ Lets just say all the right people noticed and Hector is on the move, no doubt you'll hear more.

Pain4blood, ta for kind words re Hector. Soon we'll be able to see a whole lot more of this exceptional talent.


"still think is ripping of Satake is one of the funniest, I lost it when he was on that rant."

Refresh my memory on that one?

"he looks like he might have an attitude & ego to match those of Mr. Sanchez."

The dude is from Communist (or whateverthefuck) Cuba, cut him some slack. I think GSP might have met his match as the best athlete in MMA. Would love to see these 2 fight sometime in the future.

watches the video

watches an HL reel of Fedor and Karo

remains unconvinced