Judo Men's weights?

How do the judo men's weights break down? (rough estimate of pounds would be helpful) Do all U.S. tournaments follow the same weights?

Men's Division
60 kg = 132 lbs
66 kg = 145 lbs
73 kg = 161 lbs
81 kg = 176 lbs
90 kg = 198 lbs
100 kg = 220 lbs
+100 kg = +220 lbs

No, not all tourneys follow this. Many smaller (local/state/regional) ones usually reserve the right to group as they see fit to provide enough opportunities for the judokas to fight.

Pete Pelter

Thanks Pete! Not that I plan on competing any time soon (just got my yellow belt and getting my body in shape) but down the road...I guess I would be in 81 kg (assuming you are weighed without the gi, if you are weighed with the gi on I may be in some trouble...)


You might as well start competing now. It's a lot of fun and you learn a lot. Plus you get to meet some really cool people. I usually just weigh-in in shorts. Not sure what upper level guys do, but I would I am certain it is not in a gi. I have missed 81 a couple times, and believe me, if you are not close to 90kgs, you don't want to be in it.

I echo what thePetester said - just go ahead and compete, it's a ton of fun! I competed in Judo for the first time as a yellow belt too, and even though lost the first time, had a lot of fun and learnt a lot as well.

Also, 81Kgs = 178Lbs.

Finally, I'm 81Kgs as well and yeah, "if you're not close to 90Kgs, you don't want to be in it."

thanks guys! The problem is, I have a lot of injuries that I am rehabing as I'm doing judo and getting in shape. So I want to be safe and sure my body is ready for it. But I'm sure it will happen, I will keep you guys posted!

1 kg = 2.2 lbs

What's going on? Are you practicing in the mornings? I never see you. Let me know so I can come and work out with you. I'll take a day off to come in the AM.

Hey Familiman! Thanks for the help on Tuesday. Well I took a lot of time off due to my rib, and my ankle is undergoing prolotherapy injections which make it hard to walk for a few days afterwards so unfortunately my training has been sporadic the last few weeks. I can come in the mornings except on tues/thurs or swing over around lunch on most days - I should be over there this Saturday if the ankles are ready by then but I'll have to be taking it real easy. Congrats on the tournament wins and I hope your nose is bettter. Take care.