Judo movies

Judo movies. Lets list them here.

1) Throwdown

IIRC it's a Hong Kong movie.


blood on the sun

Nice! I knew there was some random movie with James Cagney that featured some Judo

Sanshiro Sugata and its Sequel from the 1940's. Both by Akira Kurosawa and feature Judo vs Karate and boxing etc.

classic Japanese movies:

'Sanshiro Sugata' filmed during WWII (1943) it was the directorial debut of Akira Kurosawa, who also wrote the screenplay. a thinly-veiled telling of the story of Shiro Saigo, one of the Kodokan's stars during the school's early challenge match days

'Judo Saga' (1965) a remake of the above movie, this 1 again directed by Kurosawa, but now featuring Toshiro Mifune as the 'Jigoro Kano' figure

both are excellent movies, but be warned, they are much heavier in dialog than 'action'

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those older movies sound pretty interesting. thanks for the heads up--


little googling found me this:


take it for what you will, apparently it was pretty popular.

year of the gentle tiger:


Love on Delivery (1994)

O-Kam-An is a love struck dim-sum delivery boy and is in love with a beautiful judo student. But he is humiliated by her boyfriend and thus sets out to take help from an aging kung-fu master. This master is known for teaching a half ass style of kung fu "Karate Kid" style. So after learning the skill, he is all set to fight the guy but also must help his master fight a foe.


haven't seen it but stephen chow is hilarious.

hahah, caveat emptor on this one. sounds like y tu mama tambien except with judo.

Cold Showers (2005)

Mickael's life is full with Judo and his girlfriend Venessa. But his family is struggling hard. Mickael soon takes a decision. He wants to open up his relationship to include Clement, his rich Judo partner. A chain of events begin thereafter.