Judo & muayThai

Our muayThai camp recently moved to a new location and partnered with a Judo club. We're pretty happy with this pairing, and as someone who has done sanda and looking to do shootboxing in the future, I had some questions regarding crosstraining. Mostly, would you advise gi or no gi and what about gloves. SInce our interesting is in adding throws and takedowns, should we focus primarily on Nagewaza?



I'd suggest just "doing" Judo. The gi fighting is some of the most fun you can have with your cloths on. (The preceding psuedo-pun was totally intended, and actually manufactured)

You will develop a ton of throwing and groundfighting weapons/skills by studying judo. However, there are two qualities that improve exponentially for most people.....balance and toughness.

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why not just learn judo for fun? if people want to learn MT you dont tell them not to learn knees and uppercuts. you should simply have enough respect for judo learn judo for what it is.

I think he's looking to do judo to help with takedowns for his shootboxing..one thing that might be a problem is the stance issue. A right handed fighter stands right side forward in judo but left forward in muay thai. I would pick one side forward and stick to it for both sports if you intend to integrate them.

I'll call you this week with my opinion! :-P

Im my opinion, one gets better at grappling when they learn with the jacket. There is way more to think about...a much more complicated game...no sweat factor, more handles, more attackes to defend, get hotter faster, etc.

Sorry if I wasn't too clear, but yes, adding judo to muayThai specifically for sanda or shootboxing fights. I was thinking 1 day a week of crosstraining with one of the blackbelts and in exchange teach him striking.

But yes, I also am now planning to simply do judo starting from day as a beginner to learn the art itself. Thanks for that recommendation :)

It's hard to learn Judo from just one person because you can't watch the techniques being demonstrated...

Classes are a good thing.

One quick question for down the road...can you compete in judo events as an amateur if you are a pro fighter?


Yes..........in Canada.