Judo or Wrestling for gi BJJ

So the question is which is better to study for competition?

Obviously the easy answer is both.

Lets assume you have to choose one.

pros's for Wrestling
- single and doubles - style shoot, easier to learn

Single and doubles, easier to defend either by sprawling or even if you get taken down easier to recover into guard. (Please not this is for gi grappling, I am not taking anything away from a wrestlers ability to smash you but a gi gives you a lot more options to recover guard.)

Pros - A good Judo throw can take take your opponents breath away so to speak making it much easier to get into a dominant position. Most throws get you into side control right away

It's gi grappling God has given you handles so the martial art that uses them - Judo- is a good choice

Takes a lot longer to learn
Some throws are risky and if you screw them up or don't properly and fully commit can leave your back open or get you dumped on your ass.

My thoughts are Judo might be better for gi grappling, but I still have a lot of respect and fear of wrestlers.

So any other thoughts?

BTW this is just a general non troll technical discussion for the sake of a good thread. Not trying to stir shit or cause any controversy.

I know Marcello Garcia prefers modified wrestling takedowns for the gi. That being said high level Judokas are the best at takedowns with the gi...im going with Judo.

 Both are good but for GI BJJ if you had to choose one, go with Judo.  Judo because there is a lot of stuff you can do with the GI. 

^^^ That and also a lot of wrestling techniques are easier to defend with the gi.

It's also my observation at competition that Judo throws generate a "What the Fuck Was that?" response from the throwee which gives the thrower an advantage.

boooring - ^^^ That and also a lot of wrestling techniques are easier to defend with the gi.

Correct, though, anymove can be stuffed if you didnt execute it properly.

However, gi bjj being a gi style, it only makes sense that judo is closer to it than wrestling just as wrestling tds are closer to mma tds than judo's.

Train Judo

Both are amazing. I think wrestling is a little easier to pull off than Judo on BJJ guys for the casual practitioner. Unless you're some elite Judoka. Those throws are much harder to pull off when you're not standing straight up. Plus most people in BJJ squat down in a wrestling stance which make those big throws a lot harder to pull off.

In wrestling you score points by getting behind someone which makes the many of the takedowns good for BJJ.

Just IMHO.

coming from a dedicated wrassler, go judo for bjj competitions; u just land in better spots (side control, opponent's arms usually extended), and imo the grind of pushing and pushing for doubles and singles is not suitable for BJJ tournaments which have u grapple match after match v. wrestling tourneys where u get rest in between; a carefully and elegant judo throw landing in sidemount/knee-on-belly takes much less energy than a grinding double leg.

also style points

(Marcelo was a state champ in judo as a teen.)

I asked him what were the three best takedowns for gi grappling...he said in his experience, it was the double leg, single leg, and ankle pick.

He said that although judo was a great, you have to have a very high level of judo to be able to take down very good bjj competitors.