Judo Player becomes War hero

Mike Sutter
Tinley Park, Illinios.

i grew up playing against him. He was a great player. he beat me every time it counted. for years and years we'd go at it. he always managed to come out ahead.

thats not whats so great about him. whats amazing about him is he always smiled. non-stop. we'd sit around at tournaments and just shoot the shit. talk, look at the girls, stupid HS kid stuff.

he went on and joined the army after HS. became a bomb specialist. loved his work. loved the army. loved his country. died for us all.

now he's a hero. but everybody who knows him would rahter he just be Mike once again.

RIP Mike. RIP.



When I read about his death today the first thing I thought was that he probably competed against Josh growing up. I was going to email ya Josh and ask.

RIP for an American hero.

yea, we competed against eachother. i remember him beating me in the finals of the JO's, the finals of the AM-Cans, and every other big tournament. id always get to the semi's or the finals and lose to him. only beat him at the Chicago Open one year.

he was really a cool guy. i always remember fighting him. he was a really fun guy to be around, compete against, work-out with.. all-round he was just a fun fella, really nice guy, funny too.

always wondered what happened to him. i guess now i know.


Joshua Resnick wrote,

"now he's a hero. but everybody who knows him would rahter he just be Mike once again."

More truth in those words, than i've ever read on a forum.


RIP. Sorry to hear that.

Judging from what I have read, seems he lived as a warrior and died as a hero..I am sure many people will miss him greatly. And while I am sure many wish he where still here, I hope they can find comfort in his legacy. Living and dying with honor, he has made all Judoka proud....


Sad to hear. Always difficult to hear when anyone dies.


Peace to a true warrior and American hero.


I didn't see in the article if he had a wife and kids.

Very sad. My condolences.

im trying to get his parent's address. i have pictures of us hanging out and one of him on the podium after beating me for gold at the junior nationals awhile back. im sending it to them. might bring a smile to their faces, i hope.


That's awesome Josh!!!

nice article


RIP mate, you lived your life like a true man.

for those who'd like to know..
the funeral is thursday and the mass if on friday.

i have information on it if any of you would like to send flowers or attend.

as well, if any of you would like to send a card or something, i have an address for the Sutter family as well.