(judo question) Pain

Where you at the Tora Judo Tourne i thoguht i saw you there but i was upstairs and couldn't see well. Somebody who looked like you gave some poor guy a crazy arm bar (well looked like it from where i was).

ya man that was me took first place.

Congrats Pain, my friend Phil was there competing as

thought it was you, congrats... your first fight was fucked. you pushed the chump down for a ippon, made me chuckle.

How long you been doing judo for anyways?

Pain is a pimp these days...more to come very soon I understand.



JHR you were there? i guess it wasn't a arm bar... what happened to the poor schmuck anyways? I just saw what looked liek a arm bar and then him on the ground

I saw that guy at the Brantford tourney he came across rather cocky.

No I wasn't there. Pain sent me the picture.

That dude looks like he's in PAIN ( No pun intended)


It was an armbarr my teamate took the pictures seconds after i let it go.

Ive been doing judo sence 1999,the last 2 and half years have been on in off..lot more steady now

What belt are you pain?

Mark Bocek vs Pain Peters...155 MMA....set it up!!!

Mark Bocek vs Pain Peters...155 MMA....set it up!!!

Congrats Pain.

Team Tompkins

Pain looks almost human there, where's the shave head?

Watch you mouth! Call shaved heads inhuman!

- Royce gracie


WAY TO GO PAIN!!! cya soon