Judo really isn't all that, BRO

It's great for getting a guy to the floor... that is all.

Did I honestly see someone say "Fedor, a lifetime Judoka, is holding the pride belt"????????? As if Fedor is representing JUDO now????? This is getting humorous. Whoever noted that... also note that Fedor has used maybe 2 Judo techniques that people have beared witness to in his entire life. Everything I've ever seen outta the guy looks like Sambo and Vale Tudo to me.

I wanna ask some honest questions here, cuz I'm just curious:

1) Which Judo teachers are teaching Fedor to throw bombs like that?

2) Which Judo teacher taught Fedor his guard fighting?

3) How many Judo teachers are training modern MMA fighters with no-gi?

Serious questions, and I'd like serious answers.

I understand the Judo craze, and that some people are happy about it becoming more recognized as a respected and represented art in our modern sport, but cut the shit... it's not hardly the cornerstone that arts like Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai have become. Quite literally, Judo represents *one* aspect out of MANY that are crucial to our sport, and even then, it's finely substituted by many fighters with either American wrestling or Sambo. Judo teaches some great lessons, but have you ever actually SEEN a Judo match? It's a bunch of clinching and gi pulling, which eventually leads to a throw that some douche worked on for 15 minutes. Past that, they get up and start over.

There is no ground striking. There are no Fedor bombs. Matter of fact, there ain't even a fuckin Pride fan within miles of wherever they have Judo matches, BRO.

People, please... no disrespect.... get over it.

The only people that refuse to believe Fedor does not cross train are the BJJ haters.

The only people that believe Fedor has never used Judo or don't acknowledge Judo as a tough ass sport are the BJJ white belts who are proud of their 3rd place medal in the novice division.

Any questions?

I've never been in a Jiu Jitsu tournament, dickweed.

You show me ONE Judo instructor that's giving Fedor enough tools for him to actually represent Judo in ANY way... and I'll show you a converted Ghost.

Get outta my topic.

stupid thread

numerouno is correct.

"stupid thread"


How come it is so hard for some to admit that crosstraining is what makes Fedor great, and for others to admit that part of that training in Fedor's case is Judo?

Ghost, youre a fuckin tool.

yeah that was the dumbest line I have ever heard. You realize Japan is the home of judo right? Same place Pride is held.

"(The rest of the post raised legitimate points, if in an overly antagonistic way.)"

= my style.

I'm not saying that Fedor doesn't cross train... I repeat,


What I'm saying is that he owes fewer attributes of his style to Judo than some people are choosing to believe right now. His balance... okay, I'll accept that this is his Judo background... but people are just gettin plain carried away lately with how far Judo can take a fighter.

Everyone who called this topic stupid.. fuck off. It's YOU who are the ball lickers.

This topic is making all the Judo practitioners feisty.

Hey guys, you know, we can settle this... put Ogawa up against Hughes.

it's the individual first, their amazing gifts and talents, and athletic ability... you can teach anyone any style doesn't mean shit, if they don't have the ability to do it. Fedor has amazing mat sense and balance. great hips, and a world of intensity.

you combine that with any art you will always have a great competitor.

Ghost, your threads on the UG really show you are a product of a poor public school system, BRO

or we can settle this by me judo tossing the shit out of you and see if you can break your fall good enough not to get KOed.

"that Fedor has used maybe 2 Judo techniques that people have beared witness to in his entire life."

that's entirely false. If you watch his matches against herring, schilt and nog, you see that Fedor has used a number of judo throws. I've noticed 4 distinct judo throws he's used: te-gurama(side pick up throw), tani-otoshi(the foot trip he uses ALL the time), uranage(back throw, a side suplex manuver. He did it to Herring), and the 4th being the kosoto gake(minor outer hook, an outside hooking trip). Every single takedown he's done in pride that I've seen IS a judo takedown.

As far as his guard work against coleman... it was the most basic armbar taught from guard by anyone. There is nothing unique about that, that wouldn't be taught in judo, sambo, or bjj.
(edited because I forgot to add the 4th throw)

"His balance... okay, I'll accept that this is his Judo background"

That is kind of important in fighting.

"This topic is making all the Judo practitioners feisty."

I have never trained Judo.

In Russia, Judo, sambo, wrestling all train with each other and share techniques. Russian Judo is far different from the judo you would see in the United States, or even Japan.

Of course Fedor cross trains. He trains boxing, kickboxing, judo, sambo, and wrestling.

how about that throw Kharitanov hit on Ninja? Pure judo. Or greco, depending what country your from.

"Well it looks like no one can answer what Judo instructor taught Fedor his guardwork, his punching and where all the judo instructors teaching people no-gi mma are. The more "go fuck yourself ghost" replies that get posted the more it proves he is right."

That is because no one here knows him personally. And his punshes are just as much Judo as Bustamante's are Jiu Jitsu.

My topic was to invite insights into how many other crucial elements, outside than this sudden wave of JudoMania, go into a tactical and balanced MMA fighter.

In turn, I received advocation from Judo fans.

All you Judo jackoffs who got pissy... thanks for helping me prove my point. Keep score and tally it up all ya want, I'm sorry that Fedor has used 6 techniques rather than 4, I'm sorry Judo is now only seeing it's ass kicked in Pride, and I'm sorry you all spent so long training in a one-dimensonal art that requires such vigilant bulletin-board advocation.

I can't wait till Ogawa gets his ass kicked, Yoshida gets his ass back in the ring to get the same, and Fedor contniues to win with bombs that have nothing to do with Judo.

Another thing... how can any of you take such a strong stance on an inquisitive question, when we just plainly saw Yoshida get his ass HANDED to him by Royce? Wasn't that "pure Judo"? If I drew conclusions based on that, would I be put down by you fucks even further? Does it matter?

Judo throws are chit when it comes to knees in the face, mang.

Bottom line is that you cant win anymore with only one style, You have to cross train or you will lose end of story. There is always going to be someone from another style that can beat a different style, because not one person on this earth is the same. YOU HAVE TO TRAIN 3 THINGS, ground wrestling and stand up. And there will always be a BJJ guy that can catch a kickboxer or a JUDO guy that can throw a wrestler and a kickboxer that can KO any of them and vice versa on any given night. It all depends on the match up and the individual. I dont believe any style is superior and thats the beauty of our sport, ANYTHING can happend at any time.