Judo/Sambo question

I have been trying to learn a bit of Sambo(I do BJJ) on my own with some of my BJJ partners (from the Igor Yakimov videos I have). The ground stuff is going o.k. the throws well I am going to need some more experienced people before I get those down. Anyway I have been looking at the history of Judo and Sambo, and it looks like they used to contain some Atemi. Why don't people teach the Atemi anymore?

Atemi is strikes right.
Anyway, strikes existed in Combat Sambo, but were removed from Sport Sambo, so Combat Sambo schools will teach them, but they are not practiced in Sport Sambo schools. As for Judo, I don't know, I think some schools still teach forms which contain them, they just don't go out and hit the pads or anything.

Striking is illegal in competition, so sport-oriented judoka don't practice it.

You have to understand that Judo is mostly a sport these days. For example, my coach tells new players that Judo is NOT a martial art. He says it's a sport you can use for fighting (like wrestling or boxing), but recommends that people looking for hard-core streetfighting skills go elsewhere.

That seems a pretty common attitude in Judo these days.

Albiet Judo may be just a sport......call it what you want, but it's devasting nevertheless. A streetfighter uses what best fits his style of fighting. (Boxing, Karate, wrestling or otherwise.) A well trained judoka is a hard-core streetfighter!!!!

a person who is good at gripping is easily capable of delivering some really decent forearm blows to the side of your head.. thats atemi waza. =)

Right, I was just wondering why the traditional Atemi Waza wasn't taught but what Scythrop says makes sense

I was taught atemi waza/street fighting with judo as my white-yellow belt curriculum.

However, my recreational club isn't that focused on producing ubercompetitors.