Judo Steve does it again!

At the Asia Pacific Rim BJJ Titles.

Brown Belt Division

Gold Medal: Stephen Kamphuis - Will-Machado BJJ Club Manila Silver Medal: Thomaz Fan - Hong Kong Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association

After winning at the Pam Ams, Stephen backs it up again with another victory.

Congratulations and well done!


Damn! The man is unstoppable! Well done.

David Krstic.

TTT for Steve.


hey elvis,

where did u get those results from?

good work judo steve! we miss ya here in downunder!

Found the result on the UG. They listed most the major results from the competition and by pure chance I saw Steve's name in there.

The guy is a machine. He goes harder than others at half his age!


Congratulations Steve!!!

Have some classic photo's of Steve from the 2000 Sydney Submission Invitational. Will post if I get a chance.



Stephen is back at the club ( Northside MA ) next week . Congrats from the boys .



is he gonna be round on thursday?