Judo throw KO on guy from The Real World


from the same season that brought you some insane bagwork, tough guy fratboy gets thrown on his head


post the vid. i cant see the link in canada.

honeslty the best part about the real world is that all the guys talk shit about how they're badasses which is basically foreshadowing for them getting beat up at some point


I bet Joey parachutes from the Real World airplane and woops that ass.

Not good to start shit these days with the steady influx of people learning kung fu thanks to TUF.

lol props to the black dudes for stepping up and helping there friend

 Were they partying near Glendale?


maybe you have to see this kind of shit before you think Dave getting ippon'd is funny

was it manny who did this?? damn bro be easy.

I wanna say "best Real World season in years" but I haven't watched this shit since Seattle/Hawaii, when it started to fall off imo.

dson - http://www.realworlddailies.com/Video/Dave-goes-ballistic-on-Greg/092ECFFFF00A1312F001700992C7B

maybe you have to see this kind of shit before you think Dave getting ippon'd is funny

Awesome! I love how tough he is in the house, but when someone punches him in the face he doesn't do shite. Sign this guy up for TUF!

is that chick really albino?


Albino? Eh...close enough.

It's hard to tell what happened right before the camera shot over. Seriously, all the good shit happens off camera. Like that chick getting raped on the San Diego season.

Oh and anybody else think the dude who judo throw'd Dave looks like Kriss Angel? How do they even walk with pants that tight? Jeeez...someone like that tossing you around just makes it that much more embarrassing. That's almost as bad as getting Boston Crabbed by Chris Martin.

LOL! This show is a train wreck I can't look away from

Rampage's son Vs. That Chick

Zuffa make it happen!

my bad....