judo/wrestling for MMA seminar

Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is proud to be hosting a seminar with Mohammad Khorrami. We will be working on judo/wrestling throws and take down, and some ground work for MMA. This is what the format of the class would be like: A) 1. Newaza/Ground Drills 2.Throwing Drills 3.Take Down Drills. B) 1. Show 3-5 Major throw that you think will do well in MMA, 2. Show 3-5 Wrestling Take Downs that will work well in MMA.
The last hour, roll/train with students - giving them pointers on what they can be doing better, and what they are doing well.

Sunday April 23, 2006 3 hours - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at Minoru Dojo (Parkdale district, 1 block west of Dufferin)

1290 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario

$36.00 Cdn or $30 US Dollar

Thanks Mong 315.923.3703 zeerebel@gmail.com


Videos of previous sessions/seminar www.fusionmma.com/media/sw_double_leg_bb.WMV (broadband)

www.fusionmma.com/media/sw_double_leg_du.WMV (dial up)

www.fusionmma.com/media/sw_double_leg_strike_bb.WMV (broadband)

www.fusionmma.com/media/sw_double_leg_strike_du.WMV (dialup)

This sounds cool Mong. Thanks for the vids.

Are you in the US or in Canada? If in Canada, will you be able to attend
Matt's seminar in Trenton on May 20, 21st? I know you give him a lot of
props on your website.

BTW, I like the look of your website too. I notice that you list your club as
"A Crazy Monkey Training Facility" and "Affiliated STWA GYM." I am
curious. What is required to do this? Do you have to train with Rodney? If
so, how many hours are required.


Hi Mike,

I would love to come to Matt's seminar, is on my "to attend seminar list". Unfortunely that weekend I will be coaching 2-3 of my students in a knock down karate tournament

However, the next SBGi seminar around Toronto, or St. Cat. Niagara, etc I will try to make it.

I am still in New York State, 1 hour between Rochester and Syracuse, in a Wayne County. I just got my US green card, so now I can go between Canada and United State with out the long immigration hassle.

Concerning STWA, if you can email me Rodney that would be great. He has his won set of requirement, and criteria for each coach, and I do not think I am the right person to ask.


Cool Mong. Good luck with your guys in that tournament. The next
seminar with Matt in our area will be the Fall camp in Niagara Falls. It will
be October 13-15 and should be huge!

Awesome, I will put that on my calendar !!!
Niagara falls, perfect, is only 2.5 hours from US.

Awesome, I will put that on my calendar !!!
Niagara falls, perfect, is only 2.5 hours from US.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us. We hope to do this again in 6-8 weeks.

DVD of the materials cover at the seminar can now be purchase.