Judu and Sumu

Who said this originally? Forgot the name and context...

probably Ted Kennedy. Just like he couldn't pronounce Sammy Sooser and Mike McGuire

That sounds like a Jim Brown comment but I wont swear to it.

I believe it was Brian Killmeade.

anything stupid that has been said can be traced back to ted kennedy

Odysseyroc is correct. Brian Kilmeade said this during UFC 3 when talking about Emanuel Yarbrough.

Brian Killmeade <---Oh yeah.

I can't stress that enough.

Brian Killmeade actually made too separate comments. He was so hell-bent on talking about what the cue cards listed for each fighter that he would just wait for semi-random moments to talk about their style.

Yarborough crashes Hackney through the fence and out the gate(which some IDIOT opened up a second before he hit it)

Killmeade: "If you think about it, that was ULTIMATE SUMU!"

Then during a different part of the fight Killmeade in a very rushed and excited tone goes:

"I cannot emphasize it enough, Yarborough is coming in with SUMU AND JUDU!"

The way he said it implied that he didnt care if he was repetitive and annoying cause it would be a F'ing DIS-SERVICE to allow fans to think Yarborough was only coming in with Sumo experience. Cause Im sure he did alot of real moves in Judo at 618 pounds.

Ah, those were the days. UFC 3 was the first one I ever watched... didn't know it at the time, but it would also remain the weirdest one I ever watched.

Manny had that amazing Judu groundwork in BOTH of his fights. Fall down, play dead.