Juggernaut vs The Saint of Killers

Those guns kill anything, even God. Can Cytorak stand up to that shit?

Um, NO.

one shot, dead.

Nigga shot GOD and all the angels then jacked his throne for the rest of eternity. Sorry to spoil it. God created him to be the "Saint of Killers" and gave him two guns that kill whatever they shoot, period. Even God himself. Quite possibly the most powerful character in all of comics. I think I'll go make a drawing of the saint killing Galactus.

the guns were forged from the Angel of Death's sword, and can kill anything, including both the Devil and God in the Preacherverse.

sounds pretty cool

Juggy is only impervious to physical harm. This sounds like its bordering on magic. Even if not, I'm sure the Angel of Deaths sword trumps Cytorrak. =dead juggy

Saint of Killers beats God beats Cytorrak beats Juggernaut

Don't forget, he killed God AND the Devil.

When you add it all up- his one shot one kill Guns, super-duper invulnerability, the ability to travel to other dimensions (heaven & hell)- Saint of Killers is the most powerful character ever created.

Question is, can the guns be taken away from him and used against him. If so, a superfast character like Flash, or Superman could take him out.

The only question is how long it will take Jack Troller to show up and say how Goku would instant transmit and kamehameha SoK into oblivion.

If the Saint wanted, he could literally kill everyone on earth, Marvel, DC, whatever. There is nothing anyone could do about it. Xmen, Avengers, Justice League, Doom, whoever, no one could bring him down.

I think we finally found someone that trumps GOKU! Fucking A! Everytime somebody brings him up from now on, Saint of Killers motherfucker!

only if he is in the Preacherverse with Garth Ennis writing. The Flash would take his guns to town and God or TOAA would zap him out of existence in DC or Marvel.

the rule is that if Garth Ennis is writing - anything religious or superheroic will lose.

the rule is that if Garth Ennis is writing - anything religious or superheroic will lose.

ROFL - RoR has taken a shotgun and blasted the correct's head into a pulpy mess

"Nigga shot GOD and all the angels then jacked his throne for the rest of eternity."

So God is dead and angels are in charge? Did the angels not like God? What happened after he died?

First off read the comic, it's fucking great.

Second the preacher (Jessie Custer) doesn't have the guns, he has the voice, meaning that he can command any being to do anything and they must obey. Ie. telling a man to go fuck himself...

What happened after he died? It's the end of the story. Basically god is missing, a super being possibly more powerful than god inhabits Jessie Custer. The angels (a bunch of fuckups) try to kill Jessie by awakening the saint of killers who had previously killed the devil when he took over as the angel of death. Jessie is searching the earth trying to find god and hold him accountable for his mistakes while the powers of heaven, hell and earth are trying to hunt jessie down.

Unfortunately my description doesn't to the story justice.

I think we may have found a Juggernaut loss that even Skarhead won't debate.

Yes God trumps Cytorakk and ALL magic. Celestials too. However depending on the writer Juggernaut may or maya not heal up and come back.

However,guns aside, how durable is S.O.K. ? Like if Juggernaut decided to rip him in half or give him a class 100+ backhand, what would happen ?

The most destructive thing to happen to him is getting hit by a truck, and it didn't even move him. He's been punched and shot and never been hurt. Not sure about ripped in half tho. Never been tested.

The Saint of Killers had a nuke dropped on him and came out unscathed.

Saint of Killers is too fucking powerful then.