Julien Sanchez..Why was he Allowed?

in the Ufc?for those that dont know him, he is an obese mexican fighter that was thrown in against Mark Coleman in the first round..Sanchez is supposedly a veteran of 'mexican bareknuckle matches' ...i would love to have known his actual fighting background, he might have taken a few taekwondo classes but thats it..

another obese puerto rican fighter was pitted against Frye at Ufc 8..why!?!was it to give Coleman and Frye an easy win?

there is no way Art Davie or any other ufc official behind the matchmaking could have thought either of these guys had any chance in the ufc..seeing guys like this was embarrassing for the Uf..they would have been much better to just get a strongman competitor and throw him in there istead..

You went too deep Phone Post 3.0

Little known fact, he beat Tank Murdoch on the underground scene, and since Philo had recently retired, they gave Julien the shot at the UFC instead. 

He sold the most tickets. Phone Post 3.0