July 17 MTL Gi Tourney

2004 West Island Jiu-Jitsu Championships

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Club de Karaté Ouest de L'Île102 du Barry, Kirkland, QC, H9H 4P8Schedule
Date: July 17th
Weigh-Ins: 9h00
Rules: 10h30
Start: 11h00Cost
$40: At the door
$30: Pre-registration
$10: Spectators
$5: Coaches (1 per team)
$0: Female competitors*
* (to promote participation) Pre-Registration
To pre-register by mail or in person, complete the registration form and include certified check or money order made payable to Ron Pattyn, or cash (in person only) in the amount of $30 and mail or deliver in person to: 102 du Barry, Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 4P8, (514)-694-8719. All pre-registrations must be received by July 9th , 2004. (Women may pre-register for free.)

Beginner: Under 2 Years
Advanced: 2 Years & OverMen's Weight Classes*
Feather: - 150lbs
Light: - 165lbs
Welter: - 180lbs
Middle: - 190lbs
Cruiser: - 210lbs
Heavy: 210lbs +Women's Weight Classes*
Feather: - 130lbs
Welter: - 160lbs
Cruiser: 160lbs +(*May be altered depending on actual attendance at the event)

Rules & Regulations

  • Judo or Jiu-Jitsu Gi (Kimono) required.

  • Mouth, ear, and groin protectors optional.

  • No t-shirts/rash-guards (men only).

  • No shoes permitted.

  • Match consists of 1 round of 6 minutes.

  • Match begins standing.

  • Out-of-bounds (OoB) while standing will be restarted in the center, standing.

  • OoB during an uncontrolled throw will be restarted in the center, standing.

  • OoB during a controlled throw will be continued in the center, same ground positions.

  • OoB while on ground will be continued in the center, same ground positions.

  • Matches are won by:

    1. Submission (tap out)

    2. Domination (difference of 12 points)

    3. Points (highest total at time limit)

    4. Decision (by judge(s) if tied after OT)

  • Points will be awarded for positions (must be maintained for 3 seconds):

    • 2pts Takedown

    • 2pts Sweep (from guard or half-guard)

    • 2pts Knee-on-stomach (torso vertical)

    • 3pts Guard Pass (to pin)

    • 4pts Full Mount (knees down)

    • 4pts Rear Mount (hooks in)

  • Overtime consists of 1 rest period of 1 minute followed immediately by 1 round of 2 minutes.

  • Judges decisions will be based on:

    1. Submission attempts

    2. Positional dominance

    3. Takedown attempts

    4. Technical skill

  • Referee may stop the match at any time to preserve competitor health and/or safety.

  • Referee/judges decisions are final.

Fouls & Penalties

  • Disrespecting officials or other participants (e.g. cursing, obscene gestures, spitting, etc.) by competitor or coach.

  • Failing to appear for match on time and/or ready to compete.

  • Lack of proper grooming (nails, etc..)

  • Presence of lubricants or slippery substances on body.

  • Striking of any kind (e.g. punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc.)

  • Small joint manipulation (e.g. finger or toe locks)

  • Direct smashing on trachea (wind pipe).

  • Gouging, biting, fish hooking, hair pulling, groin attacks, etc.

  • Stalling

  • Slamming from the guard or spiking during takedowns.

  • Neck cranks (e.g. can-opener, twister, cervical, etc.)

  • Twisting leg-locks (e.g. heel hook, twisting toe-hold, etc.).

  • Fouls will receive:

    • Verbal warnings (minor/unintentional),

    • -1 point penalty (serious/repeated)

    • Immediate disqualification (grave/intentional).

No refund if disqualified

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So will it be double elim?

Single elim, but there will be a consolation round for anyone eliminated in the first. (So basically, unless you get a bye, everyone will have at least 2 matches).







Ok, this may sound like a stupid question. Will there be showers? 'Cause i have my in-law's 25th anniversery party right after.

There's at least 1 shower in the men's changing room.