July 19-July 26: Ridiculous MMA week

July 19th:  Affliction: Banned on FSN/PPV (Fedor vs. Sylvia)

July 19th:  UFC Fight Night on Spike (A. Silva vs. Irvin, Franca vs. Edgar, Vera vs. Andy)

July 21st:  DREAM LW Tournament Final on HDNet (Alvarez, Kawajiri, Uno, Aoki, Mirko, Kid)

July 24th:  Smack Girl Tourney Finals (Megumi Fujii, Tavares, Marquez, Akano)

July 25th:  MFC 17 likely on HDNET (Ford vs. TBA)

July 26th:  Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito (Boxing) on PPV

July 26th:  EliteXC on CBS (Lawler vs. Smith, Diaz vs. Denny, Shields vs N. Thompson)

Most stacked non-NYE week of MMA ever?  What are you most excited about?    

 Most excited for Affliction. Does DREAM fall on Monday morning in America then? Kind of bummed that I'll have to stay off the internet all day.

CBS & UFC both look like really entertaining cards too.

I think its a Sunday night card in Japan, so EARLY Monday morning in the states.

There's a local MMA show here on July 19 in Massachusetts too...I wonder how many other local events may be going on as well.

Will anyone be "MMA'ed out" by the end of the week and not watch Elite? 

Mad Xyientist - I think its a Sunday night card in Japan, so EARLY Monday morning in the states.

Usually live on HDNEt at about 3 AM t 8 AM, and then replayed Sunday afternoon at 3 PM.

Awesome week of MMA.

DREAM is on Sat Night/ Sun morning (about 3am EST)

yeah, sick week for sure


Wow...so I'll get home from Affliction and get to watch Dream live with UFC DVR'd during the downtimes. Best night of MMA eva!



Plus, if you like boxing, Cotto-Margarito is on PPV the 26th, maybe the best welterweight matchup in years and a GREAT fight.

Mad Xyientist -
July 25th: MFC 17 likely on HDNET (Fickett vs. Ford)

So Fickett vs Ford is on?

 No, sorry, that was an old post.

Adding Cotto/Margarito to the list, thanks!!

What a week!!! I won't feel like watching MMA again until sometime on the 28th.

Go to someone's house that does have it.  Seriously, seeing DREAM in HD is INCREDIBLE.

Yes, there are other ways if you ask around. Not me though.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The what?

Dream LW GP.