Im a jfjkd practioner and could quite possible be movin to virgina and was woundering if anyone knew bout good jun fan schools in virgina cause i dont want to have to stop training....
any help anyone could give would be great

Lots of good BJJ schools in VA.

Lots of chess clubs in the area.

im not lookin for chess or BJJ i want to be able continue training jun fan jeet kune do and have had trouble find a school where i could that and was askin for some finding one... and as for your chess club comment shut the fuck up keep those type of comment to your damn self.....no disrespest

because they are no where even close tobe related
are trying to be funny or are really that stupid?
didnt realize there was so many dumbasses on here
this iz a jkd forum n no1 know what jkd iz......WOOOOOOW!!!!
thats all i can say.....
in case you didnt know jkd iz bruce lee's martial art much much different
than tae kwon do or how ever you wanna spell so come back when you
have something REAL to say otherwise shut the fuck up!!!!!

There are some Judo clubs in the area as well.

What part of Virginia???

jeet kune is bruce lee martial art......it has things from everything, plus
where i train now we do a few other arts such as, wing chung, boxing,
muay thai, savate,kali.... tae kaun do or how ever you spell it is a art the
mainly use kicks.... jeet kune do uses everything its total combat uses
your ranges to your advatage

not sure yet bout to moved for this job down there havent got info where
exactly yet

VA is a big state...there are not that many Jun Fan JKD schools around...if u want JKD under Vunak lineage I know of a few.

I can recommend some JKD Concepts schools, but don't know about JFJKD.  When you know exactly in VA you'll be, it'll be easier to track down a school.

I think he wants to fight in the left lead etc...

No art is above criticism or debate, but there is a difference between providing discussion and criticism vs. simply insulting someone without any provocation.

This thread was a simple request for information and some individuals decided to embarrass themselves by stating the same unoriginal, unfunny one liners over and over. To what purpose does this serve? To prove you are witty? Where is the wit? The comments are not funny and there is nothing worse or more sad than to watch someone thinks he is being funny when he isn't. In fact, it makes you feel embarrassed for them.

What always blows my mind about this forum is that it is a JKD forum, yet there is constant contempt towards people who study JKD or wish to do OJKD or Concepts.

The name of this forum should be changed from "the JKD forum" to "I used to do JKD now I am an elitist know it all who reserves the right to be rude, obnoxious and arrogantly unoriginal nor funny who feels the need to prop myself up by disparaging others" forum.

Seriously, if you don't like JKD that is your perogative. But harrassing or insulting others in a derogatory manner shows immaturity and childishness to an appalling degree.

Meant to post these earlier:




I agree with BB Jones 100%.

"What always blows my mind about this forum is that it is a JKD forum, yet there is constant contempt towards people who study JKD or wish to do OJKD or Concepts."

Yeah, that's the sad thing about this forum really. Even "big name" people get in on the act too. I wonder how we must look to lurkers.

I think what it comes down to is a certain lack of open-mindedness.

I remember reading a Renzo interview where he said he loves to learn from everybody, even beginners. He said that when a white belt is showing him a move he "discovered", he still listens like he has something to learn, no matter how ludicrous the idea may sound.

And that's from Renzo Gracie. I think his example is worth following.

Im far from uptight and i know my spelling sucks
do you have a point somewhere here?

I agree with BB Jones and 4 Ranges.

However, it does sound more like a Jeet Kune Do concepts class you are training at, opposed to Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do...or "OJKD". I am not familiar with any schools in Virginia other than the ones that JRockwell mentioned. Good luck.

There was a guy name GEORGE LEE that was teaching OJKD...don't know where he's at now.

my mistake i was lookin for more of concept school...
ive had training in both so sometime i get the letter mixed up but thank for the in put fullblast n heman

VA has a substantial number of JKD instructors who are more
"concepts" oriented. There is a Guro Dan seminar this coming
weekend in Woodbridge, VA. at Trident Academy (Pat Tray's school).

Lots of instructors (inosanto lineage and others) make the trip. If you
are anywhere near the area might be worthwhile to check out the
seminar and/or just network with some of the instructors attending.