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June 14th Elite XC Fight Card!

Elite XC June 14th Hawaii


Elite XC Lightweight Championship

Yves Edwards vs KJ Noons

Nick Diaz vs Muhsin Corbrey

Murilo Ninja Rua vs Tony Bonello

Rafael Feijao vs Wayne Cole

Dave Herman vs Ron Waterman..

So far so good in my book. Tony Bonello is gonna get his, Dave Herman is being hyped right now and if Nick Diaz wins he should get a title shot. Nice card by Elite XC and the Pro Elite staff.

Screw that.

It went from this to Fickett vs. Sheids and possibly the best heavyweight in Elite Antonio Silva.


P to the wee.

^ I think Elite XC did that purposely so they wouldn't have to sacrafice all there talent. They got a show May 31st, June 14th then again in July so they got to save there talent.

Pretty good for Nick Diaz fighting Muhsin Corbrey a month after his fight in DREAM.

I could have sworn Jake told me he's on that card too????  Anyone remember hearing/reading that?

 Wait, Fickett is hurt...  That's why. 

If Nick Diaz wins in DREAM against Katsuya Inoue he gets a title shot against Hayato Sakurai.

If Nick Diaz wins at Elite XC against Muhsin Corbrey he gets a title shot against KJ Noons/Yves Edwards.

Things are looking pretty damn sweet right now for Mr Diaz.

i thought Diaz was fighting at DREAM.3 on May 11th

will he still be fighting on this card as well?

 Who said Nick gets a title shot in EliteXC?  Is that for sure?  If so, thats pretty cool that he's right back up in the mix!

*Is it me...or does Diaz get cut in every fight?

"Things are looking pretty damn sweet right now for Mr Diaz. "

Too bad the idiot will find a way to blow it all.

Why are they using Bonello? Are they planning some more worked fights?

 "if Nick Diaz wins he should get a title shot"

He should? He fought for the title in his last fight and got his ass kicked. He shouldn't be anywhere near another title shot. Unless, of course, they really do only have 4-5 fighters in the whole division.

"wait ninja will be ok to fight 2 weeks after he was supposed to fight Baroni...I call bullshit"


Good point.


"Rua isn't fighting Baroni on the CBS card anymore. It is now Joey Villasenor vs. Baroni."


Yeah, because Ninja was hurt.


is the subtitle for this show, "somebodys vs. nobodys"?

 " is the subtitle for this show, "somebodys vs. nobodys"?"

That was certainly the theme for the last Elite show.