Junie Browning is Gorgeous George

After watching last nights TUF show (against my better judgment) and seeing Junie not get kicked off......again for stupid behavior - I came to the conclusion that MMA is where Pro Wrestling was 50 years ago. I continually argue that they are one and the same because they both use the exact same business model and both have the same background. But last night Dana proved my theory. Dana is finally starting to accept the entertainment aspect of the sport and embrace it over the integrity. He let Junie stay because he realizes that the fans hate him and will pay to see him get beat. Wrestling promoters did the exact same thing with Gorgeous George in the 50s and 60s. Expect this trend to continue and hopefully it wont take MMA 50 years to catch up.

That being said - I found Junie to be extremely weak mentally in last nights episode. When he had the opportunity to train with some of the best in the world, he claimed he would rather be home in Kentucky training (and he wonders why guys on the show dont want to work with him). He also complained that guys were catching him with subs that he would not normally get caught with - meaning he was getting tapped in training and could not handle it. I do agree with Dana that his intention was to get kicked off the show and go home and brag that he could have won the entire thing if they had not kicked him off.

Right or wrong we are all playing into Dana's sports entertainment oriented mind.

100% true.

As much as true MMA fans HATE pro wrestling, and let it be known daily, it is SLOWLY taking the pro wrestling road to popularity!!!

Dana, and Zuffa want to sell tickets. Drama sells tickets.
Big Huge muscular guys sell tickets. Storyline sells tickets.
Excitement sells tickets.

Seeing all of these really amazing fighters lose a match, and get cut from the roster so frequently are a sure sign that they are trying to make room for the ticket sellers, and the excitement creators!!!

Get mad at me for saying it if you like, but the current UFC Heavyweight Champion was the WWE Heavyweight champion just a few short years ago...and people were lining up to watch him there just like they lined up to watch him dismantle, and Frate Trane a legendary MMA fighter.

If fighters are ever to be paid good money (and its a hell of a lot better than the pre TUF days) selling tickets is Job 1. Great fights do not guarantee great revenue. Great drama does.

The difference I see here is that Gorgeous George was a character created by Aileen Eaton (Gene LeBell's mom) who promoted wrestling and boxing at the Olympic in LA for almost 40 years. Gorgeous George was a character played by skilled wrestler George Wagner ... Junie has created his own heel character, not Dana (imo) ... here is an excerpt from "Godfather of Grappling" that I think is appropriate for this thread:

     "Around this time my mother took a brown haired wrestler named George Wagner and made him one of the first big stars of television. Wagner was a very good technical wrestler and even Lou Thesz thought highly of his skills, which is really saying something, but as a draw he was mired in the mid-card. One day, he was hanging out in the booking office while my mother was leaving for a hair appointment. She saw him and his long locks sitting there with nothing to do. "George, why don't you come to the hair salon and have your hair styled?" she said to him. Now George, being a macho wrestler, probably didn't want to go to a ladies' hair place, but you really didn't say no to my mother. They got to the salon and mother had the man that owned the shop give George the works. They bleached his long hair and put it up in curlers. When they were done, George Wagner emerged with little ringlet curls and platinum blond locks. My mother took one look at him and exclaimed, "You're gorgeous George," and that's how a wrestling legend was born.


     George took the gimmick and ran with it. He made his ring entrance to "Pomp and Circumstance" and had his valet spray the ring with perfume. He played the effeminate, arrogant villain to the hilt. Since the wrestling shows from the Olympic were carried nationally, "Gorgeous George" not only became a huge wrestling star, but was one of the biggest television stars of the 1950's. Ever since then, pro wrestling has always had a blond-haired pretty boy from Buddy Rodgers to Ric Flair. Many people have claimed credit for Gorgeous George's transformation over the years, but I am here to put my two cents in for my mother. I was there."

George Wagner before he became "Gorgeous George"

And here I am putting my two cents in for Gene ... cuz I was there (as we were writing the book that is) 

 It's a great analogy and I think that many people forget that we've already been down this road once before! A legit combat sport of the time, catch as catch can wrestling gave way to entertainment and works and became theatrical...

here we go again..

 360 ... I agree

 OK, so I realize I should probably do a regular thread on here with excerpts from "Godfather of Grappling" ... 'cuz this thread is not as successful as I'd have hoped ... any feedback on that?

He's the fat guy that has a radio show no one listens too?

 Who's the fat guy that has the radio show no one listens to? It's not Gene if that's what you're saying? Is that what you're saying? (or are you joking and I'm being my blonde self again?)


Well then Elliot Marhshal is Spock and Jules Bruschez is the unnamed sidekick that goes onto the surface with Spock but never returns.

I was going to put something about wrestling like people like to do, but I hate WWE type wrestling and any other sport that is fake or decided soley by judges scoring only, like dog shows and gymnastics and other crap like that, iceskating, I'm going to vomit.


UFC is already picking champions and stars indirectly, it won't be long before they start directly determining outcomes.

I agree, However as much as I dislike Dana's methods. I don't think he has much choice. With Champions very likely losing their title in their first or second defense. It makes a lot of business sense.

Golden Boy - He's the fat guy that has a radio show no one listens too?


gorgesjorj - 
Golden Boy - He's the fat guy that has a radio show no one listens too?

I'm not sure but for the record ... GENE DOES NOT HAVE A RADIO SHOW ... I don't want anyone here to think that anyone is referring to Gene with these comments ... (maybe I'm missing something, not sure)


he's talking about www.taggradio.com

Ah ... whew ... thanks gorges ... sorry

The one flaw with this comparison is that GG was good at his line of work. Junie didn't live up to his own hype and I don't think he would be able to flip burgers with his attitude. I know a guy who threatened his coworkers at McDonalds and he was fired. So that's out the window.

Very good analogy. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more bile directed at you for comparing MMA to the WWE.