Junie Browning's Wiki Page

Future national Polo player?

"Junie Browning has recently taken up church league water polo. In the first 7 games of this season Browning has scored 98 goals and has an even more impressive 108 assists. When not in the water, Browning runs his churches youth group."


People have too much time on their hands, but god that's funny!

Lol at them citing "recent posts on facebook"

Haha VU Phone Post 3.0

Laugh if you want but good for him if he did find something positive in his life.

Sambo is right. It is great to hear that Junie has found a way to lift himself up and help others as well. I love a good comeback! Phone Post

yeh sound like good comebakc for sure

Good for Junie! Phone Post 3.0

I hated Junie on the show but now I see him for what he was, young, dumb and drunk. Add a violent and dysfunctional upbringing and you've got a first class douchebag on your hands, but time and again I see guys who came up through the darkness to find the light. Good job Junie

Not true, but he did recently go around downtown LA handing out bag lunches to homeless people.

I was hoping he was still locked up in a Thai prison cell

Lol at the congrats. Somebody obviously trolled his wiki. Phone Post

Hilarious and it's actually someone has enough free time on their hands to go through and edit that.

How is somebody trolling his wiki page, gonna keep him out of trouble or Thailand? Phone Post

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - Lol at the congrats. Somebody obviously trolled his wiki. Phone Post

waht u got to say bout it son u aint got shit. junie done score moatherufkcin 98 goals this season what u score???

"Church league water polo".
For fucks sake, some people are naive.