Junior Dos Santos trading card drawing

 This sketch was a bit of an experiment in color for me.

JDS 2.5x3.5" pastel


very cool

 that's your best work yet


 Wow, thanks inf0. I certainly wouldn't say it's my best, but it's promising to hear that you think so. What I do like about it is that I'm trying out some new pastel color combos that I'm liking.

 I'm trying to get into the twitter thing, if you like my artwork add me @therealbradu
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 honestly just because I wanted to test out red and blue...hot and cold, fire and ice...but I actually like your idea much better! I would have gone with green and yellow had I thought of it. Oh well, maybe next time!

Very well done.

On a side note I didn't know JDS was the guy in the health portrait of DOOM 1 Phone Post

 Good to see you got your website back up and all your content!

Awesome job Brad

 well that first website and email is gone, which is a bummer because I had all those business cards made up. But oh well, guess it's time for a new set of cards now that I have a new website/email!

 yep!! keep thinking positive brother =) 

 I don't know if I didn't know this or just forgot, but we're practically neighbors. I spend half my time in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area

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UGCTT_Rychek -  I really like it with the color added to it, but why red and blue instead of green and yellow? It still looks incredible though.


 can't say I'm fond of that song...maybe it's best I went blue and red

 Oh I knew what you meant, and I like the idea...since one of my goals right now is to play around with different color combos, especially with pastels, I'll probably try a few with corresponding flag colors from different countries

 I do not know this 'served' pose you mention...

 real nice colours... I'm a big fan of that scheme =)

 nice drawing.  Why did you work in such a small format though? just curious.

Shinsplint -  nice drawing.  Why did you work in such a small format though? just curious.

 Thanks for the props. I've always preferred drawing small, for many reasons. For starters, I like to be able to scan my work. So I always used to do 9x12 cause it was the biggest I could fit on my scanner. I also don't like doing these giant 18x24's that take a million years. But it mostly comes down to what drove me to do artwork of MMA fighters to begin with, and that's my love of trading cards all growing up.

From my very first MMA painting (Randy Couture) I had this idea that someday I might make my own trading card set. I made the painting 9x12" because it's proportionate to a trading card. I continued to work in sizes that were proportionate, no square work, no long rectangles.

Eventually I DID create my own trading card set, which I use as my business cards. And I hope to soon do a 2nd set with my updated website listed, I've got a good hundred or so drawings and paintings now that I could make a card of!

However as I continued to work, I went smaller and smaller. Suddenly I found myself enthralled with actually drawing ON trading cards. Which is great, I've had fun with the ones I've done and I'm sure I'll do more. It's kind of a unique/niche thing. But I got myself sort of stuck into thinking that's ALL I could do, and it's just occurred to me recently that if I want to work in color or in different media, I can go back to working a bit larger. So that might be my next step...

I've done the trading card drawings both for my love of trading cards, and to challenge myself.

UGCTT_Rychek -  Sounds awesome. Do you have any idea for what fighters you'll be doing next? If not I'd love to see a Pat Barry one with him doing the "served" pose he does in pictures.

 Ronda Rousey is next...in fact I might already be done with that one...after that, who knows? I expect to have a couple more this week, though. Trying to stay busy during spring break.

 Props for color!  :)