Jurassic Park: The Lost World

This movie sucks.

Compared to what?

BrowBeater - Which one is that? Is that the one where Vince Vaughn tries to stop the rich guy from bringing dinosaurs back to mainland for no readily apparent reason?

Or is that the one where William H Macey kidnaps the dinosaur expert and forces him to try to rescue his son who somehow got plane-wrecked on the island?

They both suck, but the William H Macey one doesn't suck as hard. Phone Post 3.0

It's the second one. Vince Vaughn. LOL

Goldblum watches you masturbate at night.

Yeah, and Goldblum's random black kid. LOL

  1. JPark
    2. JWorld
    3. JP3
    4. Sharknado
    5. Lost World Phone Post 3.0

Soul Gravy - Yeah, and Goldblum's random black kid. LOL
Yea the whole movie sucked and this was also super random Phone Post 3.0

How dare you fuckers insult the great Dr. Ian Malcolm! Phone Post 3.0

Fun fact: when the kids are riding the team in Jurassic World, the woman behind them is reading Ian's book. Phone Post 3.0

Vince Vaughn's character may be the single dumbest character in the history of film.

Oh no the baby TRex is hurt, let me bring it to camp and help. Almost gets everybody killed.

Then as the grown TRex shows up, guess what Vaughn took the bullets out of the gun, and dozens of people die.

Then they never even say what happened to him. He makes the distress call and you just never see him again.

Shockingly I still prefer this to "The Raptor Whisperer" part III.

*tram not team. Dumb autocorrect. Phone Post 3.0

Haha. Didn't mind it as a kid and recently decided to watch the first three movies before the release of Jurassic World. Jurassic Park was still amazing, but we could barely get through The Lost World. Stupid fucking movie. Didn't even bother with the third one after that. Phone Post 3.0

The book was amazing and I do like the trailer going over the cliff part. Phone Post 3.0