Jury awards $3.2 million to ex-Tapout employee

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                                Jury awards $3.2 million to ex-Tapout employee

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A former TapouT sales representative who filed suit over a wage dispute with the action sportswear company was today awarded $2.4 million in punitive damages by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury.

The panel deliberated for about a half-hour before finding in favor of Michelle Thomas in her wrongful termination case. The same panel on Monday awarded her $840,000 in compensatory damages, bringing her total award to more than $3.2 million.

Thomas, a 32-year-old trade show model from San Pedro, wept when she heard Monday's verdict and today was "overwhelmed," said her lawyer, Carney R. Shegerian.

"We're very happy and pleased that the jury saw through all the (TapouT) smoke and mirrors," Shegerian said.

The punitive damages phase was triggered when the panel concluded that TapouT acted with malice toward Thomas, who filed her suit in October 2008.

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 Unbelievable.. And people wonder why the public questions our shitty justice system.

$3.2 million for eight months on the job? Seems fair. :~(

I bet she was overwhelmed! Phone Post

lol ... awesome!

$3.2 for being forced to buy UFC PPVs for 8 months.

Where do I sign up?

Anyone have a picture of Michelle Thomas?

 She can finally afford to buy UFC PPVs now!


"Thomas"... was a girl?

Does she not realize that that's a guy's name? And who the fuck was the idiot who gave her a guys name in the first place? USA is a fucked up place naming chicks with mans names and what not..

Getting paid to watch MMA events caused such mental duress I'm sure.

Please.. Where the fuck do I sign up for this job?

All it takes is a couple of bleeding heart retards on a jury in a civil case and anyone can become a millionaire.

I sat on a jury in a civil case once where a foreman on a fireproofing crew sued a general contractor after he fell off of some scaffolding that he, as the foreman of his crew, was responsible for setting up and inspecting. A couple of older women, moved by his injuries, came back to the deliberations and immediately said (without looking at any of the numbers or even what he was asking for) that we should give him $5 Million. it took two days to convince these fools that he was responsible for the loose ties on the scaffolding himself and that the fall was primarily his fault.

 so sad


3.2 million? Did they make her watch Arlovski/Sylvia III in a loop? Phone Post

I am stunned.

Here is a previous piece on the case.

That.....is something.


 fucking ridiculous

lol wow

I can't believe she got that much money out of them

I also need to know where to sign up

WTF really? Fuck I'll watch an entire WNBA season for 3.2 mil Phone Post