Jury trial tomorrow (fri)

I have a client who is accused of taking a fist full of money when a cashier left the register. Client adamently denies that it wasn't him and demands a jury trial. State claims to have surveillance of the incident. I have not seen the video (collegue has) and says that the video sucks and no discernable features can be made out.

State doesn't want to try this case and made the offer that if my client, guilty or not, will reimburse the store $70 they will dismiss the case. This is a great offer!!! I propose it to my client who agrees to come up with the money (but maintains his innocence) just to avoid the possibility of going to jail for up to one year.

Client calls me late Wednesday and now says he cannot come up with $70 and wants his trial. FUCKING GREAT!!! Now I have to prepare for a jury trial in one day. It should be a simple trial though, but damn I have so much shit going on.

I have hearings all day today and won't be able to prepare until this evening. Making notes in file of offer by state and client's acceptance and shortnotice refusal.


Are you doing this pro bono? I mean i'd assume you'll be charging him more than $70 for the trial work so obviously he'd save money by taking the deal.

Its appointed. All my work as a Public Defender is appointed. Fuck I am half tempted to give him the $70 just to get out of the trial.

So what happened?

State continued the case in order to give my client "more time" to come up with $70.