Just a crazy story

My wife and I are living in northern California and decide to go to Reno for the weekend. I have a good friend that lives out there, so he invites us to stay with him. He lives in a shitty townhouse, in kind of a run down area and we have to park on the street. We go out to dinner and some gambling, my buddy is driving. On our way back to his place we pick up a mini keg of Newcastle. As we turn down his street we see this young guy running down the street,wearing jeans only, no shirt, no shoes. He makes a sudden stop at my car parked on the road. I am thinking the worst, that he is gonna smash the window on my new car. As this guy is looking in my car my buddy comes to a stop about 30 yards down the road behind another car. The guy suddenly looks up and sprints directly at my buddies side of his car. This guy looks likes death, crazy dark circles under his eyes. My buddy is white knuckled holding his steering wheel, not moving. Im retarded so I get out thinking I can smash this guy with the mini keg and hold him down. Before i step out this dude sprints to within swinging distance of me and yells. YOU RUINED MY LIFE, YOU ARE FUCKING MY WIFE! I try to tell him he has the wrong OGer, its not me. My buddy finally gets outta the car, he accuses him of giving the wife the ol hog and stares at the vacated drivers seat and says. THERE SHE IS YOU BASTARDS! Just then we hear sirens. I tell him we called the cops you better run. Thankfully he takes off. Cops pull up, we tell em what happened. I get in my car and im gonna park it in my buddies spot. As I drive around his building, this dude just launches himself from behind some cars and starts sprinting at me again. I honk my horn to alert the cops hes over here. I drive off fast and hear the cops start yelling at him to get down. They arrest him and find out this dude has a 8 inch knife on him. Paramedics say his heart rate is in the 90's. So dude was just methed out with a huge knife, looking for the dude thats porking his trophy wife. Morale of the story, stay the fuck in the car and stay the fuck away from Reno. Phone Post 3.0

I know no titty pics and its a couple paragraphs. Sorry bro. Phone Post 3.0

BanjaCop - Giant wall of text crits you for 10,000.

You die. Phone Post 3.0
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So his wife was leading a double life is what you're saying? Crazy. Phone Post 3.0

AlchemyIronworks - So his wife was leading a double life is what you're saying? Crazy. Phone Post 3.0
And drove the poor fellow to meth and murder Phone Post 3.0

My goodness! Title delivers Phone Post 3.0