Just a reminder

that President Biden abandoned American citizens and green card holders, armed the Taliban with high end military equipment, and left US allies to die because it was politically inconvenient to extend the withdrawal deadline and guarantee a more secure withdrawal from Afghanistan. The sooner this complete fuck up of a situation was over, the sooner he could push the American citizenry to forget about it. I’ll ttt this thread every so often in an attempt to prevent that.

Also, lets not forget that President Biden:

  • lied about how the quickly the Taliban were taking over the country, and used that lie to dissuade Americans and Afghans from evacuating the country earlier
  • lied about ensuring the evacuation of every American and ally, even if it meant extending the withdrawal deadline
  • declined the Taliban’s offer for control over the Kabul airport and instead opted for them to maintain security
  • ignored warnings from his advisors that his plan would result in complete chaos, and then lied to Americans that the resulting outcome was unavoidable.

Feel free to add your own

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