just an update

some of you remember me stating that my wife and i are going to be having a baby. if you remember that thread you also will remember me saying we have temporary custody of my god daughter who just turned 10 months last week.

well we had a meeting with the dyfs case worker monday afternoon, and the mother did not show up. the case worker was noticably perturbed at this, as she stated she had told the mother how important it was for her to be there.

for those who don't know the who situation...my wife and i are very very involved in our local church and have been trying to have a kid since we got married in 2000. well there is a family that comes to church maybe 10-12 times a year. i say family because it is one in the more modern term of family unit.

there is an older woman her two adopted daughters one 19, the othe 16 and she brings her ex-boyfriends 5 children between 8-14(all of whom except the 19 year old live with her) well the 19 year old in december gave birth 2 her second child. she has no job dropped out of high school and was living on welfare and child support. my wife and i know her through church and i used to help council her the 4 or 5 times she attended the youth group that i lead. well she showed up for church the first sunday in january with the new born after not having been in church for about a year and a half. she asked my wife and I if we would be the godparents of her second child.

even though we don't know the girl we accepted. since then we would take the baby on weekends about oince or twice a month.

well last month she called us and asked if we would become temporary gaurdians of the baby because someone had called dyfs on her. well it turns out this is the 6th time someone has reported her for neglect or ill-parenting, basically doing drugs in the presence of the children.

so we have had her since. she is wonderful little girl who is absolutely beautiful. the case worker is suggesting we move for a thing called relative care, that basically gives us the same rights and privaledges as foster care. and in fact after 6months of relative care it officially becomes foster care and the state will now start moving to permanentally remove the child if the mother does not get her self together.

oh yeah i forgot, i would really appreciate some of your prayers in this situation.

my wife and my desire is to do what is best for the child, and will not take any offensive actions to have the child permanentally removed, however if the state or the mother push for that we would love to adopt her. and we have made that clear to the mother and the state.

Wow kempo, I am glad there are people like you in the world. Thank you!

strength and prayers

It's great that you're willing to help get this child out of a destructive environment, so she can hopefully enjoy a better life. Good luck.