Just another typical day in NYC

This is just going to lead to lynching again.

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I like how the one near the end used up all her rage and kinda gassed and almost didnt make it back over the counter, lol

In the turquoise at about :50


These ghetto rats apparently got arrested, though we will never hear what they get charged with.
My guess would be they end up with misdemeanors with 0 jail time.

Society is not going to fix itself and Soro’s DA’s are going to make sure it is going to get way worse.


This is my family looking at a mall through the treeline.

Well, this is the name of the game now. If in that situation, make sure you do whatever damage you feel needs to be done, because you got one shot. Why detain someone when they will just be released to stir up same shit a few hours later. Grab a wrist, break some arms, the problem won’t come straight back (it’s gotta go heal a few months).

I end up tussling with anyone these days I’m going to make it count.

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They is innocent

Deserve Black Woman GIF by Janet Jackson

The guy in the bodega in NYC is being charged with murder for defending himself from an attack.

27 kids didn’t get their fries that night. I mean, they weren’t getting shit anyway but still.

Well blacks have been shown to have the lowest average IQ of all races worldwide on every study I have ever seen posted. They are violent in nature and average low IQ so that spells disaster for any area where a lot of them live.


This video just makes me sad. A whole generation of lost people who are no use to themselves or anyone else. Actively destroying a country that treats them better than any place on earth.


Permanent no fly list

Can someone post some more crazy black people videos? I don’t know where you get them

I just can’t understand where all of those negative stereotypes of black people come from. I guess we will never know.

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the ranch was too much

Pause the video around 1:49 and look in the background. It’s just a wall of people filming it. Nobody cares what these women are doing, it’s just entertainment, and they want to document that they were there for it

I just want to commend you for being such an outstanding person than not even normal, kneejerk prejudiced reactions come into your mind. I and everyone else totally and I mean totally believe you too. You’re just that good a person. Bravo.

No justification but 1.75 per dipping sauce is pretty crazy even for nyc