Just As I Said.......

Boxing's alltime greatest bullshit artist and thief Don King pulled another scam job on any idiot who bought that shitty PPV. Not a single good fight on the card and not a single fight anyone on earth would be watching again. The biggest consolation is that Dk's planned cash cow Mayorga lost and will go back to Nicaragua and smoke pall malls and be remembered as a lucky one hit wonder. IMO he is 0-2 in his last 2 fights. My buddy hater called it months ago. Good call hater. They still tried to rob Spinks from what I was told because without the 2 point deductions it would have been a draw. Imagine that, a bullshit draw in the favor of a DK supported guy. What a shock.

Congrats to gator for getting pretty much every pick of the night wrong on what he called "the greatest card ever" and congrats to hasim rahman for extending his losing streak to almost 3 years. I guess we will have to watch Roy Ruiz yet again. What a special treat that is. I was told it sounded like a haunted house with all the boos during the night.

Congrats to William Joppy for being a total pussy and not even putting up a fight. If Bernie pays him the 50,000 for surviving which I hope he does not, it will be about 40,000 more than DK paid him. Joppy has always been a bum and always will be. I predict DK will get him the WBA title yet again within a year. What a champo he has been, especailly after never once beating a champ for the shit belt he had.

Overall, it was a sham night as I predicted and a disgrace to the sport. Congrats Don on such a shitty card abnd being sued for racial discrimination on the same day. I would say it was a pretty shitty week for good ole DK. Maybe he will do the world a favor and committ suicide.

It was a good card. Zab Judah won with a one punch kayo. Travis Simms showed some good skills in his win over the young Garcia. We had upset of the year in Spinks beating Mayorga, and then Bernard made a successful 17th defense of the MW title. I am glad I paid the money and supported the sport. If DK puts on another card like this with some attractive fights, I will put my $ down again and watch it. I would rather watch a King card than one of Arum's PPVs anyday. The only "idiots" here may be the people who dont buy Don Kings PPVs, but have no problem buying Arums when he is still letting Jorge Paez fight despite the fact that MRIs have shown potential brain abnormalities in the future. LOL at the "racial discrimination" suit.

By the way, William Joppy has accomplished more in the ring than you ever will and would beat your whiny ass from pillar to post. He is more of a man than you will ever be schmuck. Bernard IS giving him the 50k, he is keeping his word and gave Joppy props.

Don King's a scumbag, but Arum's just as corrupt and could never carry King's jock as a promoter. At least King can actually promote on the east coast and doesn't need to limit himself to promoting only Hispanics to garner sales. Spinks outclassing Mayorga is a wonderful story, even though I share Iwan's sentiment of the fight being two point deductions away from being robbery of the year. Now that I think about it has Cory Spinks ever lost legitimately? Two awesome KO's. Ruiz-Rahman was boring as predicted, but I felt Rahman would provide enough to overcome Ruiz' style. Roy Jones is a friggin' genius. One boring fight out of five, when even Arum's best fighters (cough Miguel Cotto cough) are boring on PPV undercards.

Whatever Rogie. We all know how good Bernie's word is. "His word" cost him 600,000 in court last I saw not to mention what he had to pay Bouie to claer that fucking over up. Personally I think that horseshit bet hurt the card because surviving was Joppy's only goal because DK probably had him signed for 50.00 and an Outback gift card for 2. If you think your money last night "supported the sport" then you are on Mars. Bernard had to fight for 350,000 in his "17th title defense". His contract was for a minimum of 1 million with DK. Bernie o0nly agreed to the lowball # because at the time, there was no PPV and no multi fight card. Bernie was robbed and you call it good. DK is where he is on the back of fools who think that way.

It was a shit card as a PPV and you know it. Arum's last card was Shane Oscar, Stevie vs Lazcano and Cotto. If you are telling me that this card was better then you are an idiot and/or a hater of white jews. However, unlike you, I was just as critical of the horseshit card Arum put in with the Campas Oscar bullshit which I also refused to buy.

What was the most competitive fight????? Spinks flopping on the ground and getting booed? He only won because Mayorga had 2 points deducted. How about the Ruiz Rahman barnburner? I hear it is a late entry for fight of the year. Maybe you will suggest that I should watch that one with the sound down as well to avoid hearing 12 rounds of audience misery.

How about the first fight starting before paid customers were allowed to enter the building? Is that a new DK innovation?

As far as what Joppy has accomplished maybe you can tell me. He is a 3 time WBA champ and has still not beat a champion. As far as your personal attack on me, I guarantee you that I am much more successful in my profession than this bozo is at his. Nobody gave me shit and I still have mine. This guy was given his status and still could not hold on to it. Now he is back washing DK's windows and acryying his luggage.

As far as letting guys fight with health problems, maybe you can explain DK putting Julian Jackson on cards with about 50 detached rretinas and losing his liscense, only to get it back by signing with DK. He also should be highly commended for the way he watched out for Greg Page. You probably are proud of DK for screwing over a once great fighter like Terry Norris. You should learn to call it both ways instead of having your head up the ass of a convicted felon who screams rascism after he gets caught screwing over a fellow black man.

Rogie I like you and I am well awrae that you are very knowledgable about boxing so I do not want to get into an insult contest with you. I just wish fight fans would be more intelligent than that. Boxing would be much better off if cards like this and Oscar Campas were failures instead of letting them become urban legends.

BTW Rogie I wrote to Ron Heard and got 2 very interesting responses. When I have time I will make a post showing his repies.

MM you are wrong. At laest Arum starts off with young guys and builds them up. DK has never once done that in his whole life. Larry Holmes, Felix trinidad etc were considered extremely poorly promoted until they forced good fights in spite of DK.

Name the fighters that Arum has screwed over. Ali, Chavez and Foreman all fought for both guys and all 3 love Arum and hate King. As a matter of fact, all 3 guys took DK to court for the screwjobs he gave them. I am no fan of Arum but he is not a convicted felon, he does not have a history of robbing his fighters and he is the one who tapped ibnto the hispanic market and made it profitable. You cannot discredit him for that.

Spinks won that fight with his pre-fight dance steps.

I stand behind what I say: you are out of line in calling William Joppy or any other professional boxer "a pussy", and if you laced them up with Joppy he would take you to school. Styles make fights and Joppy cannot deal with the height and skill and strength of Bernard. He showed a ton of heart in there and many other guys would have quit.

Arums last PPV had only 3 fights-2 were excellent and Cotto vs Ceballos was pretty good. Last night was a good show: Hopkins looked good, Simms and Judah had great kayos, and Cory Spinks put on a clinic against Mayorga and showed a good beard. As far as Spinks flopping to the canvas, he was trying to avoid wild punches and fell. Your hero Vernon Forrest was stumbling around the ring like a drunk trying to get out of the way of Mayorga's bombs. The difference is Cory Spink was not afraid of Mayorga and actually traded with him on more than one occassion. By the way it was a great thing to see Cory, Michael, and Leon in the ring together and also Mayorga was all class in defeat. As far as the scoring goes, you can make an argument for Mayorga in some close rounds because Spinks was not that busy and does hit very hard.

In regards to Bernard making only $325k. He wanted to keep his MW belts, and apparently there was not much interest from HBO. Right now he is not in a good spot with the networks, but after Jan. 24th maybe that will change. He gave a great interview last night, and as far as the money goes Don King is supposed to pay Joppy $50k directly. Look for Hopkins to fight Robert Allen next.

Bob Arum is no angel and has embarrased the sport for years with Oscar vs Camacho, Oscar vs Chavez II, Mia and Butterbean, etc. He was actually going to put a pro wrestler on the Morales-Ayala undercard, until the guy got injured. Uncle Bob is now Tio Roberto, and if you think that all the Latin fighters he has signed are seeing all their money than you got a couple of screws loose.

I am aware of many of Don King's indiscretions against fighters, but hands down he is the best promoter in the world.

rogie you are right about calling a fighter a pussy. I stand corrected on that and admit my mistake. However, Joppy is an average at best fighter who exemplifies everything wrong with boxing. He keeps losing and keeps getting the wBA title. That is horseshit and you know it. He has never beaten a top fighter. He has never even come close. He finished the Howrad eastman fight on his ass. This is a guy that DK put in a tourney named for Sugar ray robinson. What a fucking joke. DK hid Joppy from Bernard for years when it was a legit fight. Then after Joppy was exposed as a fraud (the fraud being calling him a champ) your hero Don King wants people to pay 50.00 bucks to seee it and refuses to even pay Bernie his deserved purse.

Alos, I know about the bet and who got the money. I do not need a Don King lover to explain that to me. What I would like to know is what Joppy's purse was. You also have to admit that the bet was bad for the card. Joppy only wanted to survive and had no intention of winning. The fact that Joppy only bet 25,000 to Bernie's 50,000 tells you what a fraud the fight was. You give him credit for surviving but the true reason he did not quit was the 50,000. From what I have heard, his corner should be jailed for not stopping it. You should be complaining about that if you care about Joppy.

Rogie please explain to me what a promoter's job is and what makes DK the "greatest ever". He promoted the Micheal Jackson tour years ago that is still the biggest money loser in the history of music. Alos name one fighter DK has taken from amateur and created the way Arum did Oscar. To me, that is a promoter. Someone who promotes his fighters and not steals them and fires their lifelong trainers as he did with larry holmes, Bernie Hopkins and now mayorga.

Last night we had 5 televised fights in which I have not seen, thankfully so. The crowd booed in all 12 rounds of Ruiz Rahman, the crowd according to Thomas Gerbasi was filing out of the building in round 8 of Hopkins Joppy, the crowd was booing during much of Simms Garcia, and Zab Judah was fighting a bum and stopping him the way Kostya Tszyu stopped Zab. So in 4 of the 5 fights we had the crowd booing. The other fight, Spinks Mayorga, was one guy trying to avoid a fight against another guy with crude at best boxing skills who has been sold by your greeatest promoter ever as the guy to fight Bernard Hopkins. Give me a break man.

Alos Mayorga was all class huh? He insulted the guys dead mother, claimed the ref stole the fight and the judges ripped him off. You have to love that Nicaraguan class.

Also, do not criticize me for insulting a fighter and then insult Vernon the way you did. We all know he would light your ass up anyday of the week as you said to me. I guarantee Vernon would smash Joppy as well and IMO Vernon won the rematch vs Mayorga. The two cats at ESPN had him winning 8-4.

Now we are going to be subjected to Hopkins Allen 3. In their last fight Allen kept flopping on the ground and trying to quit. The damn referee told him to get up and quit faking. I think it was Joe Cortez. He is as big aof a joke as a mandatory as Joppy was.

Rogie I just wanted to point out just how hypocritical you are in this discussion. I am even shocked.

You complain about Oscar camacho, Oscar Chavez, Mia St John and Butterbean and use this as how Arum is worse than DK. It is one of the saddest statements you have ever made.

First, DK gave us Tito Camacho months after Chavez had beaten him to a pulp. Great job Don. DK was also the first to throw on us "the Coal Miners daughter" who Mia St John fought later and was very competitive with and Mia at laest looks good. But the biggest joke in your arguement was Butterbean. Butterbean smashed Peter McNeeley in about 30 seconds and this clown was the MAIN EVENT on a King PPV. How sad is that????? You must have forgotten about that huh.

Oscar Camacho happpened in Camacho's very next fight after KO'ing Sugar ray Leonard and after camacho had won about 10 in a row. Oscar chavez 2 only happened because Chavez the excuse maker said he would have won if not for the cut and it was a huge money fight. Basically, you have a bias for the convicted felon and proven thief and cannot see the forest for the trees. You should at laest give it a little thought before you make such ridiculous statements.

"Alos Mayorga was all class huh? He insulted the guys dead mother, claimed the ref stole the fight and the judges ripped him off. You have to love that Nicaraguan class."

Mayorga was man enough to apologize for the things he said to hype the fight and gave the belts to Spinks. That's pretty classy if you ask me.

And the ref was all over Mayorga, but said nothing to Spinks. Both fouls were ridiculous.

toddseney is correct. Haven't seen anything that classy in Boxing except for the Michael Watson Marathon where Chris Eubank met him.

Slick the answer would be found in his actions after the Vernon Forrest fights. he sttill talks shit about him. He is a no class jackass. That shit he said pre fight cannot be washed away by a half assed apology. Go to Cyberboxingzone.com and they have the quotes. They are way out of line. Far to out o0f line to claim it was for ticket sales. according to the Don King jockriders, this was the greatest PPV card in history. Why would it need help selling tickets? I thought it was a sellout.

For the most part, promoting boxing is a very dirty
business. That said, King has brought the sport to
new lows and is worse than the Duvas, Kushner,
Shaw, Goossen (sp.?), and Arum. A mediocre
PPV card does nothing to redeem him in my eyes.
None of those fights were compelling match-ups,
with the exception perhaps of Spinks-Mayorga.

Rebuttal to IWHINE(or are you really Bozo Caplan of Top Rank?)

1. I said Vernon Forrest was stumbling around to avoid the punches of Mayorga. Very different than calling a fighter "a pussy". To state the fact that Vernon had terrible balance and was intimidated is totally different from calling someone "a pussy". You are the one who criticized Cory Spinks for "flopping" even though you did not even see the fight.

2. I said Mayorga was all class AFTER the fight. Many people would agree, and Barry Tompkins said that it was the type of moment "that sends chills up your spine". Cory Spinks was man enough to accept his apology, and it was great to see the kid bring more honor to the family name. I would not rule out Mayorga in a rematch, if he prepares more seriously however.

3. Camacho beat a Leonard who had been woefully inactive, and the rest of his victories had been mainly against Midwest circuit fighters. He had been a quart shot for years, but Arum did not care. He knew that Mexican fans would buy the fight to see Camacho get a beating.

4. To anyone with half a brain, there was no controversy in the first Chavez-ODLH fight. Chavez lied about the cut, and Arum was only too happy to let Oscar beat up an over the hill Chavez again(ravaged by years of ring wars and substance abuse)in order to line his pockets. When there was a more legitimate controversy between Oscar and Sweet Pea, Arum said he would not make a rematch because the Mexican fans did not want to see it(a quote he made to the LA Times).

5. Revenge: The Rematches, Judgement Day in Monterrey, the card with Ruelas-Leija Randall-Coggi Trinidad-Campas and Chavez-Taylor II(a mismatch IMO that I did not approve of. King has done way better PPVS than Arum over the years. Your citing one good Arum PPV does not make up for that fact.

6. Hopkins took the purse because he may have made even less if it went to purse bids. Bernard wants to keep all the belts and he had only fought once this year hence he took the fight. He knew he could beat Joppy(the top rated RING magazine middleweight) and his free agency is approaching so he took the fight.

7. Christy Martin is a heck of a fighter. Mia hung with an old Christy, if the fight had been a couple of years ago Mia would have been smoked. DK made her a star-she was on the cover of SI, talk shows, etc. Martin wanted Don to promote the Laila fight, but he declined.

8. Don king is recognized by many as the best in the business. The fact that he prefers to sign established fighters rather than Olympians or young prospects speaks more about his business model than his acumen as a promoter. A promoters job mainly is to sell FIGHTS not fighters. Traditionally in the past, it was the manager and trainers job to build the fighter. That has changed now over time, but nobody can sell a fight like King. ESPN News, Fox Sports radio, etc. The media was talking about this card in the last few days, something that never happens for Arum unless it is with Oscar. The LA Times even sent Steve Springer to cover an East Coast show(a rarity) despite the fact that there were no local fighters on the show.

9. Hopkins-Allen 3: Bernard wants to keep all the belts so this fight will likely happen unless Oscar calls him out(unlikely) or he can make a fight with Winky for decent money and not get stripped(also unlikely). It is Bernards prerogative as a champion to want to keep all the belts, he earned them with his blood and sweat. He can fight whoever the heck he wants, I and many others will watch because he is a talented fighter and future hall of famer.

10. Don King is dishonest, unscrupulous, and could even be considered diabolical. But Bob Arum is an admitted liar and briber(despite the fact that he used to be a US govt attorney), Kathy Duva is a ruthless cold hearted lady, Murad Muhammed is a crook, Kushner is a convicted racketeer, etc. The networks are no angels either, and neither are a number of the writers. Did you know Newfield co-wrote a story about Joe DeGuardia that he could not prove? He and Matthews alleged that Star Boxing knowingly let a Hepatitis positive individual compete on a show in NY and also implied that he had taken advantage of Lou Del Valle. Del Valle would go on to resign with DeGuardia, and the hepatitis allegation was never proven. DeGuardia was a former New York DA and Golden Gloves champ, so I doubt he would let a guy with hep compete in a club show. Newfield is also buddies with Teddy Atlas, a guy who has been accused of physically threatening boxing writers and takes a grand or two a week from an alleged mob associate for training a no hoper by the name of Elvir Muriqi. There are very few angels in the sport of boxing. That is why the game is where its at.

Good job Rogie. I have now lost respect for you in a way. Your insult towrads me further exemplifies your lack of substance. What about Peter McNeeley?????? You also need to do your homework a little better about the fights that Arum has promoted. Arum promoted George Foreman and totally engineered the biggest most profitable comeback in history. Arum promoted more ali fights than anyone, he promoted marvin hagler's fights which included Hearns and ray Leonard among many others, and has promoted the 2 biggest grossing non HW fights in history. He co promoted the Thrilla in manilla until he sold his share to DK's crowd after Marcos began accusing DK of stealing and misappropriating funds and engineered the career of Oscar de la Hoya which was probably the single greatest promotional job in the history of boxing. He has tapped into a Latino market that DK hardly even realized existed and when Arum showed it to him DK gave us good ole John Ruiz. Thanks alot. We know rogie is happy about that.

MM said Arum cannot promote on the east coast and nothing could be more mistaken. He promoted Ali Norton in Yankee stadium which by many accounts was Ali's most profitable fight. He worked with teddy Brenner and promoted numerous Madison Square Garden fights for years.

To top it all off, Hagler, Ali, and Foreman all were fucked by your hero and they all sued him and won. None of them ever sued Arum and all 3 still trust him to this day. Arum could buy and sell your boy 50 times over and has never been to jail, much less been convicted of murder.

In our lifetime, the 2 greatest promotional jobs done IMO was the george Foreman comeback and Oscar. Mike Tyson with Jimmy Jacobs and Bill Cayton could be argued but not comparitively speaking IMO. Arum promoted both.

Arum does the same bullshit in many ways that Dk does such as options etc but he never fucks his fighter the way DK does and always makes them money. Don King even lost money on an Ali fight and it was the very next fight after Foreman vs Wepner. The Cleveland mob who financed the fight put a hit out on him for a brief time he lost so much.

No offense Rogie, you need to do much better than you last post. I for one am disappointed in your lackluster effort. Bash Mia and compliment the coal miners daughter who also sued and beat DK and bash Butterbean yet say nothing about Peter McNeeley who was 31-1 when he fought tyson and his opponents had lost roughly 300 of 400 fights and had been KO'd over 150 times. Give me a break. Was your screenname the same name as Don King's dog?????

Also Rogie you said Vernon was like he was "drunk" and called him "your hero". I acknowledged the pussy remark was wrong and apologized. That is not good enough for you? You can accept mayorga's apology after trashing Spinks' dead mother but not mine? You are all class Rogie.

Joppy called Hopkins "a coward". Was he right? I say no. IMO Bernard is the most complete fighter in the world. Even moreso than Roy. However, Roy's incredibly gifted athletic ability sets him apart from Bernard a little but with all attributes considered, Bernard is the best. He really has no weaknesses. His chin, defense, footwork, power etc are all world class. IMO he would have a better than good shot against any MW who ever lived including Ray Robinson and marvin hagler. I think he is better than Carlos Monzon for sure but that is only my opinion.

Arguing about which boxing promoter is more corrupt or more unscrupulous is a bit like arguing over whether Hitler was worse than Stalin, all things considered :)

subwhitebelt, go play with your logical fallacies somewhere else. IWAN is the guy here who came here and started bashing the card, Mayorga, Spinks, Joppy, etc. The facts are 1)Don King may be a crook, but he is still the best in the game 2)IWAN has a pathological hatred for Don King 3)It wasnt a bad card I have seen much worse especially from Top Rank
4) IWAN dont forget the "Rumble in the Jungle" or the 120,000 in Azteca Stadium or a number of other fights DK has promoted

IWAN dont forget what Larry Holmes has said(and dont forget that his last crack at the title was promoted by King). Don King may be a crook, but you still make bigger purses with him than anyone else.

P.S. Iwan, Christy Martin asked DK to promote her fight with Laila but he declined because he did not want to work with Yahya McClain(source: Christy Martin radio interview).

I am done with this thread. I will just say it is funny how certain forum members continue to single out one promoter while ignoring the indiscretions of many others.

Whatever Rogie. Larry Holmes hates DK more than anyone and was fucked worse than anyone and was the worst promoted fighter of his generation.

Rogie you must produce some facts my man instead of being Don King's parrot. It is a fcat that Tyson made more prior to DK than with DK and according to a Price waterhouse Audit was paid almost 200,000 more than his contracts called for. This audit was courtesy of Robin Givens. It is a matter of court records. DK's own arttorneys have had to already pay 20 million in damages due tp the conflict of interest that DK got them tangled up in. They now refuse to do any sort of business with your boy. King is being sued for 100 million by tyson. Maybe you see a pattern here. It is sad if you do not.

I still challenge you to show me these great promotional jobs he did. Name one promotional job that DK has done better than Foreman's comeback and Oscar's career. Just name them.