Just bought a funko pop for 125 bucks

I got the ghost of obi wan from mailing in lays potato chips. S

How popular or valuable are Game of Thrones collectibles now?

Just as a baseline for a super popular TV show a few years after it ended

Things like mickey mantle baseball cards are valuable because kids in those days carried them around in their back pocket and stuck them in their bike wheels and shit.

Almost anything seen as a “collectable” in its own time is very unlikely to be valuable in the future.

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Super rare



These are still a thing?

Sell em while you can. These reek of beanie babies.


brb. listening to Corroded Coffin

Beanie Babies peaked and then imploded within 3 years. Total time on the American market before demand completely dried out and they were relegated to Hallmark stores was barely 5 years.

These Pop! toys have been on the market since 2010 and they’ve been a popular collectible for almost a decade.

You can’t compare the two. Fundamentally different business models as well.

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you’re probably right about the vast majority of them but some are extremely limited in production & will hold value in the future. They’re a lot more popular than Beanie Babies ever were. Those had limited appeal & the craze exploded but then burned out fairly quickly. Pops appeal to a bigger demographic & they’re so many different types from movies to Comic book characters to sports figures to rock stars. You name something & there’s a good chance there’s a Funko for it. And if/when their popularity fades the market will be flooded & their value will plummet but that’s OK by me because I don’t buy them as an investment by any means. I just the damn things & usually only pay $10 - $20 for them. I never pay collector’s prices.

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Spot on, man.

haha, she had tubs full of beanie babies about 12 years ago our sons grade school was having a carnival and I donated the tubs of beanie babies for prizes…they were a huge hit with the kids.


New ones coming out and predates sold out.

So Gritty, I assume you’ve never been under any serious financial distress ever in life, nor will you ever will be. Hence you using good money for things like this?

More power to you. Selling pizza to the fats is definitely a smart path to longterm financial security. Your family chose wisely.

Nobody started eating healthy

You can wear air jordans

But they don’t

Is there a reason this specific one is valuable? Is it all the Stranger Things ones, or just Eddie?

Thing various ones have gone up but Eddie exploded in popularity in his finale

Which fills your pockets with funco money. Getting rich off giving people death by fatness. How do you sleep at night?