Just bought an XBOX,and Fable

Just bought these items today and they haven't broke down on me yet,in your face Sony!

But seriously,Fable fuckin rules.

LOL hey i have been pondering to get Fable for the longest times and heard good things about it on the OG , would u recommoend it ?) :)


Well,I would recommend it if you're into Zelda....If Zelda had blood,gore,sexual themes and vulgar language.

So in other words,yes!

The graphics freaken own and the story is pretty damn kickass,so be good or evil,it's your game.

Every hour of Fable is certainly worth playing, All ten of em.

thanks guys and umm NO i was NEVER a Zelda fan but i ll prob get this :)


Xecuter2 and a 200 GB hard drives are your friends. ;)


LOL @ Tapped Out - the same thing happened to me the first time I tried Morrowind.

It's one of those games where some folks love it with a passion, others really don't care, and some loathe it with a righteous fury. ;-)

Personally, I found that once I (A) got past the overly difficult first few hours and first 2 dozen random fights, and (B) figured out how levelling worked, and (C) figured out how to make money via alchemy, all of a sudden it got to be pretty fun. It was a nice switch from the FPS/twitch type games I usually play. The repetitive dialogue didn't bother me so much, and I did have the benefit of the Prima (or whoever) game guide so I never really got lost or overwhelmed with the size of the place.

You should derfinitely get Fable.

You can switch all the little talking by pressing Y at any screen,even if what someone has to say is important.

You can also have sex.

Animated sex!

Ok,so you can't really "see" the sexing,but that's ok.

"You have to level up before you can fight anything interesting, and like a MMORPG, leveling up takes forever."

Levelling up in Morrowind is bone simple. All you really need to do is steal enough stuff to make a couple hundred grand (which is really not too hard - selling the stuff off takes more time than getting it) and then find a spot with a bunch of trainers. If you know how to manage your bonus modifiers, you can have an untouchable character two or three hours after starting the game.

I really don't understand the folks who say Morrowind is a bad game, not fun, etc., because you can level up fast and annihilate everything.

That's not the point of the game. In fact, it's not the point of any game. Half-Life would suck if you made Gordon invulnerable and gave him the rocket launcher with infinite ammo or the full gravity gun at the beginning of the game. Wercraft 3 would be boring as hell if you had infinite resources. Etc., etc.

ANY game sucks if you use exploits or cheats. Actually suspending disbelief and playing a game as it should be played is where the fun is.

forget RPG, go get a copy of Halo 2, sign up for x-box live, and jump in the fun with the rest of us. you get to interact with real live people.

I find that the uber-character problem is not as bad in the Game of the Year edition - the monsters in the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions can pose a problem even to 40-50th level characters, assuming you haven't used the various exploits to make swords that do 500 damage a shot....