Just bought my dad Franco Harris' rookie card AMA

G'head Phone Post 3.0

What'd that set you back 3? 4 bucks?

Go Steelers Phone Post 3.0

As a Raider fan I burn it. But if your dad's a steeler fan great for you.

YVEL MACHIDA - Go Steelers Phone Post 3.0
Awesome. A big day in a Steeler household. Phone Post 3.0

To all the assholes.

Kiss my ass.

To all the supporters.

My dad has been looking for something to finish his steelers room and I think i found it. Phone Post 3.0

And probably chicken wings. Phone Post 3.0

Dr Gonzo - What'd that set you back 3? 4 bucks?

Answer the fucking question.

  1. I checked eBay amd it was cheaper than anything on there. Phone Post 3.0

Franco Harris owns a company called Super Bakery and throws the best party during the SNA food show. Phone Post

I see Franco Harris playing golf at a country club here in Hawaii. Looks the same, a little smaller, but still got the beard.