Just Cause 3 for free.

You can download the game for free on the PSN. I know it's been out for a bit but free is free.

But why?

It's definitely worth it. 


Very fun game.  Most of the stuff that was annoying in JC2 has been fixed.  Stunning graphics too. 

invalid - But why?

Just cause.

invalid - But why?
Just cause, free

any good?

Added it to my library but am yet to pull the trigger on a dl, if you guys reckon its worth it then thats me

Thank you!!

Well worth paying for let alone free!  Fun game, lots of new and different weapons, vehicles, challenges, explosions, and a jet-pack wing suit. =)  If you like open world games (with all of the above plus objectives and challenges), you'll enjoy JC3.



excellent ill add it to library

shit, i want this. PSplus, like a bareass fart to my face


I want too!!! I have an xbox though.

How much is it when not free?

It's a good game and even better when it's free. Looking forward to playing through it again. I bought it when it first came out and it still holds up.

I added it to my library along with the free assasins creed game too.

Every once and a while you get good full games on there. Not like Killing Floor 2, that game I hated.

kingofpancakes80 - How much is it when not free?

Too much

Nukecrawler -



Best PSPlus offering in a while.

Nukecrawler -


Damn those are great. I've done some fucked up shit on the game but nothing like that.