Just copped these bad boys

Those who know, know.


Wilford Brimley says



awkward stan marsh GIF by South Park


Lol… think I moved it now

So,you have some mod like powers?How does one change his own thread?

Just hit the edit button and there was a drop down. Not sure it worked but gave it a try

Ya, I don’t know.


How much did you pay for that faggy shit?

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Fucking a.

Fat Lenny for me. If I get a fight I want it for my walkout song. Saw them in Boston. The guys rapidly threw pieces of the drums out to the crowd, and the bouncers had to run around and gather them back up. Then someone got hit with about 8 pounds of macaroni and cheese right in the chest. Drugs were had, but a lot of weird shit went down even if sober.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile.

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Incredible. What year is this?

Much more than you can afford, but well worth it.

Few things more shameful than grown men who still skate

Christ I would disown my sons if they continued past 18

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They’re signed by Gene and Dean Ween, I won’t be skating on em, I’m hangin em up

That’s rad, never seen it…

Guessing 1995-2000. The drum thing was funny. I don’t even know if it was part of the act or what. Someone just started taking apart the drums and passing out to crowd. Saw someone get a snare drum and they.covered it and went for exit immediately. Was weirdly hilarious. The bouncers seemed to be like “shit, here we go again!!”.

I bet you’re wrong

Yeah being athletic enough to skate when you get older is shameful. Loving an outdoor sport that is fun. I can see the problem.