Just don't quit


Stubbornness is a beautiful thing at times.


Not today, Orca!

What makes a warrior is mental strength. Fortitude, determination, an unwavering desire to survive. The ability to reach one’s limits, and push through them instead of backing away as most people do.
You can be the most dedicated gym rat, or a PT monster, but it matters little if the weapon between the ears isn’t potent and capable.

That’s why I learned long ago to never judge a book by its cover. That quiet, nerdy guy in BJJ class who looks like he couldn’t bicep curl a coffee mug? He’ll tap you in 15 seconds. The barely literate, unkempt backwoods Alabama boy who runs like he has cerebral palsy and can’t say two words without a stutter? He’ll shoot the legs off a housefly at 200 yards and keep as calm as a Hindu cow during a firefight. The hulking, arrogant gym beast will panic underwater on his first scuba dive, while his tiny, mousy girlfriend takes to it like a fish.

The human mind is amazing. It’s our biggest strength and possibly our greatest weakness as a species.


Hated by the Trumpers.

McRaven elected to become a political animal, and had his head so far up Obama’s ass, he could taste Barry’s lunch.

The same goes for Ramon Colon-Lopez. He was 24th STS. Then he became a political stooge.
Being a badass during your early and middle career starts to get overshadowed when you play the politics game.