Just experienced sleep paralysis

Had it a couple times. Last time was mild and only for about 2-3 seconds. Time before I thought some Ultron type robot was trying the hurt my kids in a specific graphic way. I jumped up after about 15 seconds of fear and rage being stuck in a dream but awake and made it all the way to my dresser and was about to open the drawer and grab my pistol when I realized how absurb of a dream it was and how absurd my behavior was about to be. That was momentarily after realizing when I was mid air mid jump that the target I was about to engage was a figment of my imagination.

First time I had it, I didn't see a figure, it just felt like someone was in the room but I was stuck, it was terrifying.

Ive had it 4 or 5 times in my life but after the 1st time and subsequently being told what it was, the next few experiences were fine, a little unnerving but fine because you know it passes. 

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I have been practicing my lucid dreaming for a few years now. And once I enter a state like you described as sleep paralysis I am able to start. you can imagine a place like your childhood home and instantly go there and fly from room to room at a time you lived there. That was last night anyway. 


I listened to a few podcasts and then some YouTube vids but then I bought a few old books and started to practice. It's an amazing part of my life that I can't really share with anyone becasue they either don't believe or simply can't imagine. 

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I don't get the demon/shadow people thing, I used to get sleep paralysis fairly frequently, its exactly like laying in bed with your eyes closed but not being able to move, nothing more nothing less, it just feels like your legs are 1000 lbs.

I'm 38. Had my first episode at 20.  I've had it more than my share of times in life. I have NEVER seen the shadow figures, and never ever thought anything supernatural until about 4 years ago. I was sleeping on my stomach, middle of the day, as I fell asleep my back cracked a few times and I couldn't fuckin move. I was there for the taking. Nothing happened, I snapped out and left the house scared to even think about trying to sleep again. It really felt like something sat on my back.  Other than that the other times sucked but nothing near that scary. 

It is terrifying. I have experienced it twice and both times i "saw" a shadowy figure and very tall and menacing. Fucking horrific. 

Most terrifying thing I've ever fucking felt. EVER

Been experiencing it since I was 16. Now when it happens I know how to transfer my consciousness to the dark figure and become him...as crazy as it sounds it's even scarier becoming the demon than being haunted by him. The power and evil that you feel is weird, but it also makes you feel in control

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Some times it freaks me the fuck out. Other times I relax and ride it out. Only times I saw shadow people were during a summer full of ecstasy/molly. Found it weird that I have never even heard of that yet so many people experience it after having looked it up.

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Happened to be a couple weeks ago for the first time. I was freaked out. Couldn't move. Even tried to yell but couldn't. Thought there was a demon in my room

Yeah the dark presence is crazy.  I went years before I knew what is actually was.  Such a relief when I found out

Ive had it happen over 20 times in my life. Its nothing

The sleep chemical in your brain wears out before the dream and stationary chemicals do. You essentially wake up in a dream and cannot move. 

It is terrifying.

Never seen any figures but I used to get it a lot and had the wiggle the toes thing down pretty good lol. Funny how the only way to accelerate waking up is wiggling your toes for some reason 

If I remember right it would only happen if I fell asleep on back or even re-fell asleep on my back just after getting out of it, and could feel it happening again.for whatever reason if I lied on my side it wouldn't happen again. Having it Happen and then start happening again as soon as you start to fall asleep was where it would scare me 

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I had it once or twice and it was weird but not so scary. Then the last time I had it it was fucking terrifying. It was the first time I had the shadowy figure there and it was intense. What is the explanation of the shadowy figure? It's weird that it's not just something that happens to a couple people. So many people have the same experience. There has to be some explanation to what it is. 

Hereditary. Old wives tale that just sunk in and stayed there. Everyone has been told ghost stories whether from an old relative or at camp. It's like a right of passage to Warn off bad behavior. 

I’m not sure. I had my first experience without ever having heard anything about the shadow figure or the crone who’s supposed to sit on your chest. It was only after I was trying to research what the fuck had just happened to me that I encountered the stories.

Fair enough. I’ll admit the way I got it to stop was prayer like that video said although I winged it. I slept with a cross for a good while. This was in a dark period of my life and I was leaning towards atheism.

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If I remember right it would only happen if I fell asleep on back or even re-fell asleep on my back just after getting out of it, and could feel it happening again.for whatever reason if I lied on my side it wouldn't happen again. Having it Happen and then start happening again as soon as you start to fall asleep was where it would scare me 

Yes don't fall asleep on your back.

I never have that but sometimes i leave the tv on and shit on tv works its way into my dreams shits crazy

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You're shitting me? You believe this?

The mare. Used to happen a lot as a kid but it would be under my back. Fucked up for sure and used to scare the shit out of me. Don't believe in any of the supernatural stuff but the folklore is cool. 

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HULC - Shadow people? What the feck are you lot talking about?

Sleep paralysis involves being in a state that is somewhere between being awake and asleep. You are awake, but certain parts of being asleep are still around. Primarily, when you are asleep the body feeezes up so you can't move as much.

The freakier part is that you also still might be in a dream state, so sometimes there are hallucinations. The most common hallucination is seeing the shadow people. Google image search it, those are about accurate. I haven't done DMT, but apparently it can have the same effect since the chemical DMT is somehow involved with dreaming.

This explains a lot of things. Most cultures see, to have some version of a demon who sits on you ur chest at night and it is usually what people describe when they think they've been abducted by aliens.

Has only happened to me once.

No shadow guy or old hag. But it started with the feeling that something crawled into my bed, I felt the mattress move, then pressure on my chest as if I were being sat on. Then it felt like my balls were being crushed, it hurt like hell. 

Couldnt scream or move. It was freaky as fuck.  

Never heard of it before, was glad when I found out it's not an uncommon experience. 

This is the first time I've heard it explained like that. Makes perfect sense actually.