Just finished Mare of Easttown

Really good show. I loved the accuracy of the accents/fashion/town vibe. Story was great, the only unrealistic part was no way DJs fake dad could afford that sweet 70’s bronco those things are crazy expensive

I watched it last week. Definitely enjoyed it.

That’s not the only unrealistic part. IMO when Mare was banging the writer on the couch she would have taken her top off too. No way that guy didn’t want those sweater bombs in his face.

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There is a thread on here about it already , the majority of people enjoyed it.
Myself included

100 correct.

Did they ever say where DJs fake dad was that night? Was he just out for a ride smoking a bowl?

They did not. Probably out getting some strange. I think shows like this typically leave some unanswered questions / ambiguity so they can weave it into a second season (if it ever happens).

It was a pretty good show but I found it incredibly depressing.

Sharp Objects is also pretty good with that same sort of vibe.

I really liked this show. No spoiler but man, I didn’t see the ending coming as it did. Several times during the season, I thought I had it figured out but I was wrong.

Also, I try not to look for it and to ignore it but in this show, HBO and all, I didn’t get pissed off by them trying to push liberal, SJW bullshit into my living room. There was some but it was manageable.

Watched the first episode and thought it was horrible (great cast, but bad writing, music, dialogue, editing, etc) so I tapped out. I visited my parents and the final episode was on, so I watched that with them…that was a shitshow as well, they weren’t too happy with it.

A lot of people really like it though, but I thought it was really bad.

I noticed the anti-gun stuff. There’s twice in the entire series that Mare has her gun.

Didn’t watch it - has an opinion.

I didn’t see much anti gun stuff - but of course the kids are in a band named ‘androgynous’ and the daughter is in a mixed race lesbian relationship

in the original thread i think i said it had a mystic river feel to it, i agree just a but dark and depressing

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i might not have paid 100% attention and missed somethings but for me - i liked it, better than most shit, but it felt like the end was “hey remember all those interesting plots we gave you and characters that could be the killer?! nah it was this kid that was barely in the show and nobody gave a fuck about. deal with it.”

Skipped this, thinking is was some story about a woman and her horse. Just getting into it now. Pretty good

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damn she won an emmy for this? idk she was ok but i didnt think it was anything award winning

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if the kid put the gun back in the shed the same night, how did the old guy notice it was gone?

Did they cover this?