Just finished my back surgery!

Hey UG,
Just thought I'd fill you in on my status. Yesterday I finally had my back surgery that's been plaguing me over the last few years. For those that don't know. I had 12mm herniated L5/s1 that also sunk 20mm. Not fun. Horrible sciatica, minimal back and leg strength. since the injury I haven't been able to really do any running or strength work. Those days are done! This is the beginning of a new page in the career book and can't wait to finally perform at 100% , get back into the show And feeling great! well aside from the moment of feeling like a horse kicked me. Thanks for all your support of the years in my career and the film Occupation: Fighter. I'm documenting the who process pre surgery, post, recovery and rehab. Here's the first Vblog! Hope you enjoy.

check out #1 of 4 "Road Back" Vblog as a I finished up the week before I went into surgery! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q4jdHNRZrw

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Good luck sir Phone Post

Best of luck & a speedy recovery

Glad to hear it went well, wishing you a speedy recovery and great success! Phone Post

Did you have laser surgery ? Or prehistoric 'under the knife' procedures.

Good luck with your rehab. Don't rush it.

^You use a mirror and have to be very very flexible.

glad it went well

Speedy recovery.

what type of surgery did you get? i have had lower back issue since I was 17 but nobody would operate because I had 3 levels of blown disc.

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^You use a mirror and have to be very very flexible.

Heavy Side note... Speaking of mirrors... My gramps watched with a Mirror as they did a Vasectomy on him... I asked why in gods name would you wanna watch that... (He was a Forman) said he had to make sure they didn't fuck it up?!?!? LOL... I Would faint like a little bitch if I seen someone Slicing the Noodle!

War the Greatest Generation!

Sry for thread heist... Hope ur back in action ASAP Phone Post

Can't wait to see you back in the cage you savage bastard! Phone Post

Glad to hear it went well!

Thanks for all the love. I ended up having a microdiscectomy along with a stem cell procedure. They Shaved my disc down and pulled stem cells from my pelvis. Re injected the stem cells into My disc, tissues, muscles and incision points. I'm excited to start rehab and get back in the cage! Thanks to all the team of doctors at OC fight Docs, dr Justin Paquette at the Paquette spine institute and dr reed from advance to health. I'm already walking around and hoping to get released today from the hospital. Phone Post

Just got my release papers and going home! Phone Post

chad savage - 

Just got my release papers and going home! Phone Post

Good to hear Chad - hope all is going well at PKG.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery Phone Post

Good to hear brother. Heal up!

I had the exact surgery done around a year ago. I will make a few posts in this thread with advice and experiences from the whole saga.

The sciatica sucks, did it get to the point that you could not walk or stand for extended periods of time? Mine got to the point that if a quilt was on my leg in certain spots it made pain shoot from my hip to the top of my right foot. I only slept for 2 hours or so a night due to constant re-adjustments due to pain.

But to start off with as goofy as it looks get a set of grabber tongs (http://arcmate.com/images/products/detail/07610OrangUTongsLITE.jpg). they usually have them in any pharmacy quite cheap. It is not worth the risk to twist and bend in certain ways for a few months after so having one of these is extremely helpful.

You are going to have minor sciatica from time to time, don't get discouraged. It will be no where near what you experienced before but it will sting from time to time. That is mainly from the nerve being under pressure for so long so it is as my doctor puts it "Angry" and acts up once in a while.

Invest in a firmer mattress. Soft mattresses can be detrimental.

Even though you feel better don't push yourself. You may have to call on friends or family to help you with some simple things for a while.

go to physio! They know what they are doing.

Keep the wound clean and change the bandage daily. You are going to have to have someone help you with at first. It can be dangerous to try to reach around in that awkward manner. get the bandages that are 3 inches by 4. You don't want to get adhesive in the wound. Infection to that area can be scary.

Don't rely on medication. Ibuprofen is good but be cautious of painkillers. The doctors are quick to prescribe harsh opiates. They will make you moody and make you forget you have some limitations. You can re-injure yourself or break the stitches and not even know it.

Start with short walks. Pace the halls like a senior going for his morning walk at the mall and work up to taking decent strolls.

Correct your posture. No slouching! Look at this time of healing as a chance to correct any posture issues. Stand with your weight as evenly distributed as you can. That goes for sitting too.

Stay positive and take it easy.

Good luck man.

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Day 2: sore but mobile. Feels like a horse kicked me in the back. Can't wait to start moving around more. Hardest part is trying to stay busy so I don't go stir crazy. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress. Thanks for all the love and support. Phone Post