Just finished watching Dexter(SPOILERS)

Debs death sucked. Dexter pawned his kid off on another woman. Steals a body during a hurricane and no one notices. Paul Bunyan is obviously his idol

The end. Phone Post 3.0

john76 - Dexter should have never had a family

should have just kept him a crazy killer
That's kind of the whole plot arc of the series.

I was okay with the ending after re-watching it. It is frustrating and disturbing but it is self imposed prison for Dex. Having him get caught would have ruined too many people (for the handful still alive that is) and having him disappear with Hannah would have just left too many questions.

I think it would have been better for him to have died in the end, anonymously so he's assumed to have escaped but this still works. Phone Post 3.0

DougWilson - thought it was better watching season 8 a second time.

deb's death made sense since everyone dexter gets close to dies. after her death he realized that he didnt need to be with hannah and left his son with her.

still a bad ending, but alright.

too bad the main showrunner left after season 4.

You watched Season 8 twice? Why would you do that to yourself?

Huge fan of the show, but damn if that ending didnt leave a bad taste in my mouth. Any of the suggested endings would have been better, I especially like the one with him about to get the needle. They should honestly film that and release it with a special edition of the series on DVD/Blu Ray. Lord knows I'd buy that in order to get a better ending

His son is poisoned by now.

UGknowme - 
Chokey Chicken -
Going Postal - I was very disappointed in the last few seasons of Dexter. I thought the finale was terrible.

Pretty much this, after the Trinity Killer (Season 4), the show tanked. It's too bad they didn't go with the ending that one of the previous writers envisioned. There was so much potential even with the amount of crap they managed to throw in the last 2 seasons.
You mean the one where is is in the execution chair? Phone Post 3.0

Yes, it was something to the effect where its a total flashback and he is seen being executed and every main serial killer he killed is overlooking the execution.

As much as I lost interest in Dexter. It was a great show and it's a shame that it will mostly be remembered for the mediocre final seasons. Similar to prison break Phone Post 3.0

Was the ending of Dexter a worse fate than death like say Vic Mackey's ending?

Or no way and just a piss poor end to what once was a great show. Phone Post 3.0