just finished watching fedor vs rogers 360

 my grandpa was watching with me and would not belive me that fedor is as good as he is and sed he does not look like a fighter and seems to think rogers is going to smash him. is this how the rest of america mainstream looks at fedor.?  and if so is anyone even going to watch saturday besides mma fans with the lack of advertisement i think it will flop and hurt future shows being on network.

 There is no way this flops, buy shoulda got far more advertisement. Very disapointing.

if ppl dont know its coming no one will watch it  unless they scroll thru channels and catch it

EvilEye - pics of grandpa?


 he wasnt here but my older cousin n me def thought shogun won my dvr skipped and came bak and machida was wearing the betl i thought it was old footage

 You see this is why the eskimos send their old out to see on a raft... bc they say shit like this.

The show didn't actually say anything to justify Fedor being good.

They didn't say. This man has beaten:

Andrei Arlovski (UFC Heavyweight Champion)
Tim Sylvia (UFC Heavyweight Champion)
Mark Coleman (UFC Heavyweight Champion)
Kevin Randleman (UFC Heavyweight Champion)
Antonio Noguiera 2x (Pride Heavyweight Champion, and recent UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion)
Semmy Schlit, 1st K1 Super Heavyweight Champion, 3x K1 Grand Prix Champion
Mirko Crocop, Pride Open Weight Grand Prix Champion
Mark Hunt, K1 World Grand Prix Champion
Matt Lindland, Olympic Silver medalist
Naoya Ogawa, Olympic Silver medalist

They didn't even give his record that I recall. That's silly. Even if you don't have the footage, being able to say he's beaten five former or future UFC heavyweight champions, and multiple other champions. Fought olympic judo and wrestling medalists. Fought people who almost always outweighed him. That's how you promote him. It was very badly done in terms of building for the show and introducing Fedor to new fans. It was good for us who already know him and like to see more about him.

Pics of Grandpa or ban.

mishto chuckles -  You see this is why the eskimos send their old out to see on a raft... bc they say shit like this.

Wait what?

I gotta buy granny a ticket...

It was really shitty. It's what happens when a product is made putting the pieces into an advertising template.

Rogers gets a call from his grandma so we know who he's fighting for... Rogers gets a call from his mom so we know he's a good man... Rogers visits his tire-changing job so we know he's a salt-of-the-earth provider... he talks about his childhood so we know he came from hardship... he and his wife show their new house where they want to raise a family so we know what he's fighting for.

They clearly went for a product that solely pushed emotional buttons... badly. It was not a high-quality product.

After watching that...I was more convinced than ever that Fedor was going to destroy Rogers. How could you not think he was awesome after watching all of those throws and watching him work the pads and bag and stuff. He looked awesome. Not many Big guys look fast and fluid like that. I did'nt see much of Rogers training. They went into his backstory more than anything.