just found 30K

so 4 years ago, give or take a few months, i started my company's 401K program. Apparently, i went in aggressively ( i was 21 at the time and thought i'd invest as much as i could into this).

well, i need to pay for a wedding, and need some money quick ( i know that after the wedding i will have the necessary funds to pay it off right away, but i still have to pay for it up front, before the 'gifts' and 100 bills from everyone).

SO i'm thinking i have like 10K. Come to find out, i have 30K in it already. I can take out 15K of it as a low rate loan and pay it off right after the wedding. Sweet. Beats putting it on my credit card. lol. i have no debt now and don't want to start.

it gets garnished from my wages til it does, so there's no problem there. i ALWAYS pay my debts quickly. paid 15K in student loans after 1 year in the workforce.

15k in 1 year...impressive

i'm young. 25. it's worth it if i need cash ASAP to start a venture now.

cash out and go to vegas



lol.. you can always elope and save a shitload..

i agree, but she deserves the 'party' for the shit i've put her through and for her supporting me the way she does.

if you borrow from your 401k then quit/loose/get fired from your current employer, you have, I believe 60 days to pay the ENTIRE sum back without penalty (regardless of loan conditions, 1 year 5 year etc).
It's going to be hard to borrow $10k from your bank to pay your 401k back when you are out of a job.

Don't risk it!

i will have the money the day AFTER my wedding. relax.