Just getting started....

I was wondering about that, too. Thanks for the input, guys!


I just want to know if I should start with the SPEAR fundamentals video or should I try something else. I'm on a limited budget right now but that Bodyguard series seems great. I train jkd/kali 3x a week but like the other post I read a few days ago, I wonder how my mental processes would work in an uncontrolled situation.The posts I read in the mental edge are great and I thank you for your response.

I don't want to answer in Tony's place, but here is how I started. About a year ago I went to my first Tony Blauer seminar and Phil recommended "How to Beat A Grappler" so I bought it. I also bought the first audio tape, recomended by the host of the seminar and the PDR book while there. This was what hooked me in and now, one year later, I am going to PDR training in August. I am curious as to what Tony, and Phil will recomend to you.

Good Luck.

I own everything that Coach Blauer has produced to date and feel all of his tapes (audio & video) are of tremendous value. If your budget is truly tight I would say go with the S.P.E.A.R. tapes. The drills can be applied so broadly it is excellent.

But...If you can spring for a bit more, my top recommendation is the BYOB package. Either way, you can't lose.


If you are looking for mind-set information then why not start with the audio package? It's economical @ $40 and you get three studio tapes.

If you do want tactics [visual] then you need a video, so budget is the question...The SPEAR FUNDAMENTALS has a lot of info @ 4 hours, but it really depends on your area of concern and interest.

The BYOB set lays a total foundation from fear mgmt. to groundfighting to close quarter, the SPEAR & more, it's only about $129 more than the FUNDAMENTALS series and for 6 tapes, 11 plus hours the manual etc. its a great deal.

Your call. If you can't get the BYOB package, I would just go for the the PDR manual and audios to start.



I ,too, am considering a purchase of some of your material. I have trained for 15 yrs in a system geared specifically for realistic self defense, but I only have time to attend class once a weak, so i want some stuff to enhance my at home training. I am strongly considering your BYOB series, but I would like to know is this geared more to the beginner, or is it universal for someone with several years training, as well as someone just starting out? The system I train in was founded in the 1960's by Greg Luna, whose philosophy about fighting, and fighting psychology is almost identical to what I have read from and about you.


I have most of Tony's tapes and the BYOB package will not disappoint you. I've trained in various martial arts and combat sports for 30 years and I still continue to learn from tapes I purchased from Mr. Blauer over a year ago. For someone with a street orientation like you, they will be a great source of inspiration. You will have an invaluable source of information upon which you can build and expand.

Get the tapes, you won't be sorry.



Thanks Mike,

I really appreciate the info. I will most likely follow your advice, and hope to be watching and learning from the BYOB series soon.

Thanks again,

Billy Ray

Thanks guys, Thanks Tony for the reply. I'll probably just save some money up and buy the BYOB series. How long will the special last?

Another good question, I too would like to know how long this special will run.


I just bet the shipping fees will make me faint again!

Hey guys, just want to let you know that I went ahead and ordered the BYOB series yesterday and I believe the $229 price tag also includes shipping.It was too good a deal to pass up!!If you add up each item as if you bought them sperately it would be over $320!!

What's the email-address of the office?

Lockz- email is : blauerhelp@videotron.com

Big John and DrgnLord,

One of the best things about dealing with Tony and his TCMS staff is that if you have questions about what you are learning you can always post here on the edge, call on the phone or send e-mail regarding your questions. You will not be alone on your journey. It's quite a privelidge and an honor to have somone like Tony help you through the various challenges of the learning curve.

I am sure you will not be dissapointed.