Just Give the UFC a Reason...

I do think it was over the top for the UFC to cut Miguel Angel Torres over a Tweet quoting a tv show. I'm sure most people assumed he just came up with the joke on his own and that it was tasteless. Comedians can get away with this kind of stuff. People that aren't paid to be funny don't. With all that said if he's just quoting a tv show it's completely different and he should've gotten a pass.

Now the real issue or agenda is that the UFC is likely looking for reasons to cut guys at this point. They still have a giant roster and if you're not a big draw, it's not going to take much to cut you. The last few years they've had a pretty quick trigger finger to get rid of guys, but it seems like now it's even quicker. Unless you're one of the top 10 draws I don't know if anyone is really safe. With the addition of the lower weight classes they have still have too many fighters versus fights they'll put on. There are also new up and coming fighters moving up the ranks every day too. The UFC is in a rare position where very few fighters are untouchable at this point.

they will be sorry when Miguel goes to Bellator, tears it up there, and becomes a big star