just going to leave this hear.


blue if you please.

for the believers in traditional martial arts.


I hear dat Phone Post

what was the point in posting this?

 Here not hear.

Are you leaving it hear or thare? Phone Post

UGCTT_LnPninja -  Here not hear.

Here, here my chap. We won't be hearing any of that here. Do you hear me?

hear or their

Steven Seagal


Music made it unbeerable Phone Post

 Muay Thai is probably an older tradition than most of those. So are boxing and wrestling. The difference is some arts make money from producing fighters, others make money from signing up more students.

Traditional martial arts are bullshit. Always have been. I am very happy the resurgence of full contact fighting and of course MMA is exposing that shit.

Cool video too :D

I do feel bad for guys who grew up around TMA hacks as their only influence though, and then became a cog in that system themselves. It must be terrifying for them, having invested a whole life in some pressure point bullshit system, and then have it exposed. This is why they cling on so tightly to it, so much invested.

 Half the video was about Boxers kicking ass why all this Muay Thai praise

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7beh4v5c5c Phone Post

^thank u. Benny the Jet Phone Post

It's amazing that people practice TMA's in today's day and age.

Traditional Martial Arts rock! Its the best base to start with. Karate 4 life!

Boxing and Muay Thai and wrestling are all old school martial arts. Phone Post