Just Got a Job With the UFC!!

Man, I can't believe this. I am going to be working for Zuffa and Dana and the boys!!

My job is pretty simple. I just write favorable posts on message boards, and get paid 3 cents per post!!

I have ARRIVED!!

I do the same thing for the government in political threads. Except I make a LOT more money.

Are you Karl Rove?

ttt is support this thread



I wish I got a job working for the UFC also. No, seriously (teamconstantine@yahoo.com).

Multi Level Brah ^

I get 2 cents.

I have been holding out for 5 cents per post the last year or so, but the damn penny pinchers at Zuffa want to keep all the jew gold for themselves :-(

I don't know what this thread is about, but the UFC sure is a dandy!

LMAO, HKP. Btw, you never told me what the 'product' was that we spoke about. I'm just curious. I'm sure it'll do well no matter what. Besides, restaurants/businesses are always lookin' to make their life easier. Easier = more money

LOL @ Talkshow

"LOL @ Talkshow"

Goes to mailbox to collect 300 checks for 10 cents each

I'm rich bitch!

I get .22 :)

"I get .22 :)"

Calls Dana.

Darth Garv imo...

LMAO @ Ray

Do you want to be a fucking paid poster? That is my question.