Just got a social security scam call

A popular app I use recently asked me to do an identity confirmation. I recently used this app which is Venmo so it’s normal for stuff like that to be verified. I verified the info in the app itself and one of the things it wanted me to verify was the last 4 of my ssn.

Because of that, a few hours later when I get a phone call about how my ssn is compromised and could be flagged or some jargon they used, I thought perhaps it was possible. It was an automated message and it said “press 1 to be transferred to an agent”.

I’m already super sketpical and was not going to release any info. When the human answered the phone, it was a call center and she had an indian accent so right away, yeah fuck this, this is a scam. But I didn’t hang up, I wanted to see if they had info of mine.

She asks how she could help and I said, “you guys called me, you tell me”. Then she says “you got a call and you were transferred to me, correct”. I replied, “Look, I’m not giving you any information so if this is a scam you can just fuck off”.

This cunt scamming bitch said “fuck you mother fucker” in her indian accent.

Call was disconnected. I fucking hate these phone scammers man!

I find it funny as hell that these thieving scumbags get offended when we call them on their thieving scumbaggery.

I might need some suggestions. The first girl got pissed without me even trying to piss her off, but 5 minutes ago I got ANOTHER scam that had the same automated message, it just came from a different number.

I decided if they’re going to keep calling me, I’m just going to fuck with them. The guy said “how can I help you”

I said, “how do you sleep at night”?

He paused.

“How do you sleep at night knowing you work for a scumbag company doing scumbag shit for a living”.

This pompous asshole said…“with my eyes closed and the lights off”. I then said “so you don’t have any moral compass at all” and he hung up.

I want to piss these guys off.

Give me suggestions.

Waste as much of their time as you can… give them everything they ask for, only fake…

They want a social for you? Easy… 428-54-1674.
DOB? 11/16/1979…


Getting them all excited thinking they hooked a sucker only to find out it is all bullshit is the worst thing that can happen to them.

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I’ll try that if they call again. I hope they do.

I bet this has something to do with the all star game being moved!