Just got an 11 cent tip AMA

Delivering a guys car for valet at the local indian casino. Phone Post 3.0

Go to Bratislava and live like a King. Phone Post 3.0

Did he writer nigger on the receipt?

Lol no but I did hear more change in his hand as he gave me the tip and say "this is all I got" Phone Post 3.0

Also got a dollar earlier from a lady who also claimed thats all she had all the while with a handful of 20s and other bills. Phone Post 3.0

I think $20...about 5 diff times in my 2.5 years ive done this. Some guys have gotten 100's. Phone Post 3.0

Should have took them out back and sucked their dick

^nah didnt expect 20 she just used a poor choice ofcl words hah Phone Post 3.0

What do you consider a respectable tip? What would you tip yourself? Phone Post 3.0

foggybottom -

. Phone Post 3.0

Serious question...are you mad you got an 11 cent tip, or are you mad that you're at a point in your life where you're relying on tips from people to have an income? On the one hand, don't be too mad, everyone goes through that stage. However you followed up by saying you've been doing this for 2.5 years. Don't you think it's about time to be moving on and up?

Used to do this full time. Now im back just for part time work to pay some debt off. Its a complementary service and I get paid 8 an hour base pay. No one would do this job if the tips didnt exist. Phone Post 3.0

TopGrinder - Do u expect a tip? Why do u deserve a tip for doing your job? Phone Post 3.0
That guy Phone Post

Oh a respectable tip is 1 in and 1 out or just 2 going out. Phone Post 3.0

rcombs - I get paid 8 an hour base pay. No one would do this job if the tips didnt exist.


Do you honestly stand by that statement?


Well yall got me there lol ill eat my words. But can we agree 12 cents is disrespextful? Phone Post 3.0

Plenty people would park cars for $8 an hour. Phone Post 3.0